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Neighbours’ Aaron Brennan left shocked by new discovery over David Tanaka

On next week’s episode of Neighbours, Aaron Brennan is furious with David Tanaka after learning of his husband’s involvement in Paul Robinson’s scheme.

Paul (Stefan Dennis) diverted funds intended for the Quill investment to pay Nicolette Stone a million-dollar bribe for baby Isla while also sabotaging the Quill transaction. David (Takaya Honda) found out, and while he wanted to inform Aaron (Matt Wilson) at the moment, he not only agreed to preserve Paul’s secret, but he also assisted in the cover-up by convincing Jesse Porter to leave Erinsborough.

But suddenly Nicolette reappears with Isla, the true baby, and the truths begin to emerge.

Aaron learns from Paul about David’s role in Jesse’s unexpected departure in forthcoming Channel 5 sequences.

Knowing what his spouse has done, Aaron is enraged and can’t tolerate being near David.

Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou) is already furious with Paul for the bribes and ruining the Quill transaction, but finding out what happened to Jesse is the final straw.

Despite Paul’s assurances that he has no more secrets, Terese is told by Aaron that Paul was partially to blame for Jesse’s abrupt departure as he drew closer to the truth regarding the bribe.

Terese and Paul’s marriage is further jeopardized as a result of this news, as Terese confronts Paul in an increasingly enraged manner.

Meanwhile, Nicolette informs David and Aaron that she will not be able to carry out their original parenting agreement, which stipulated that David and Aaron would be the primary caretakers.

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