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Neighbours’ Paul finally works out who Jane’s catfish is – and the culprit is someone everyone will remember

The local know-how of neighbors, Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis), is about to trip over the name of poor Jane Harris (Annie Jones) catfish conman.

He focuses his sights in the following week to find out who was terrorizing Jane and scamming her to the point of danger.

His interest is piqued when new policeman Yashvi Rebecchi (Olivia Junkeer) tells him she thinks she has seen someone connected to the siege of the Lassiters.

Despite not being 100 percent, Paul sees it as an opportunity to delve deeper into the case and send his private investigator on it–because he has a PI, of course.

And it doesn't take too long before Paul stumbles over the horrific facts–the troublemaker behind the attack was Mannix Foster (Sam Webb).

Mannix has a long history with Paul and was desperate for their previous grievances to get back on him, so he chose poor Jane as the victim.

Cast your mind back to 2017, when Mannix was first revealed as Leo Tanaka's pal in his bad-boy period on Neighbours.

Paul became persuaded that during the Neighbors Christmas 2018 extravaganza, he had seen the dodgy man off and killed him, but only a month later, it was confirmed that Mannix was still alive and well.

What's more, the troubled resident set about getting money for the inconvenience of Paul and Leo–a feat he couldn't achieve.

Mannix sets about trying to get away with the scam after he's exposed and tells Paul he's got intimate correspondence from Jane, so he's better off calling the police.

But is Paul going to opt to take the moral high ground, even if it kills Jane? Or is he trying to get vengeance illegally?

And what about Jane the Poor? During the last couple of weeks, she has been heartbroken since discovering Richard was a catfish.

Was Paul going to have it in his heart to justify why she is going through this pain?

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