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Neighbours’ Rose Walker turns ruthless in the battle for Toadie Rebecchi

Rose Walker, who has returned to Neighbours, will use nasty methods to keep Toadie Rebecchi away from Melanie Pearson on UK television next week.

Rose (Lucy Durack) has returned to Erinsborough with the goal of reuniting with Toadie, feeling that he is deserving of a finer relationship than his present one.

Toadie (Ryan Moloney) is shocked when Rose goes in for a kiss with him in next week’s episodes on Channel 5.

Toadie reacts to her overtures at first, but quickly backs away, realising that this isn’t fair to Melanie (Lucinda Cowden).

Rose’s moment of passion should not have happened, according to the Ramsay Street barrister. Rose confronts him on this, pointing out that he appeared to be having fun with it.

Toadie arrives shortly after to pay Melanie a visit in the hospital, where she is still recovering after an accident during the Erinsborough film festival premiere.

Toadie tells Melanie the truth about the kiss and apologises for violating her trust.

Melanie implores Toadie to explain if the kiss had any meaning, and she is crushed when he says that he is unsure of his feelings.

Rose and Toadie go for a stroll later in the week in the hopes of alleviating the tension between them.

Melanie is sitting nearby after meeting up with her ex-boyfriend Justin Buke while they’re out together.

Toadie, who is watching from afar, thinks the worst and believes Melanie is attempting to move on from their relationship following his previous adultery.

When Rose subsequently meets up with Justin, though, the truth comes to light.

Rose praises Justin for visiting Melanie and reveals that she orchestrated Melanie’s meeting and that Toadie witnessed it.

Rose believes she has done enough to put a gap between Toadie and Mel after pulling all the strings, but has she?

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