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Neighbours Spoilers – Leo’s the daddy! Britney reveals the truth about Isla

David and Aaron will learn the truth about baby Isla on next week’s episode of Neighbours in Australia, when Britney confesses everything. The truth about the kid they’ve been caring for will shock everyone in Erinsborough!

In early October, these episodes will premiere in the United Kingdom.

For weeks, it’s been on the minds of Neighbours watchers. Finally, the truth regarding Aaron Brennan’s (Matt Wilson) and David Tanaka’s (Takaya Honda) baby will be revealed next week.

Nicolette Stone (Charlotte Chimes) fled Erinsborough in late July, heavily pregnant with the child of Ramsay Street spouses Aaron and David, after been harmed by those she loved.

Paul (Stefan Dennis) was able to track her down to Canberra after weeks of seeking and discovered she had already given birth.

The businessman offered her $1,000,000 in exchange for Isla, knowing that the kid would be best off with both fathers. Nicolette gave up a kid and received a signature on the check she had been given after hours of thought.

There was a twist, though, in classic Ramsay Street flair. Nicolette returned to her hotel room as Paul hugged his granddaughter. She scooped up a kid – the real Isla – who assured her that she would never abandon her.

Now, due to newcomer Britney Barnes, the truth is going to be revealed, including the true identity of the baby Nicolette handed over (Montana Cox).

Isla is kidnapped at a daddy-daughter gathering in this Friday’s episode. David and Aaron’s distress quickly turns into a suburb-wide manhunt as their neighbours search high and low for the baby and her alleged abductor, Nicolette!

Returning to the drama next week, it won’t be long before Isla is safe in Britney’s arms. But, just as David and Aaron think they’ve figured out the riddle, Britney delivers a bombshell.

Isla isn’t the kid she has, the child they’ve been caring for since Paul returned from Canberra. While David and Aaron take a time to digest the news that they’ve been caring for someone else’s kid, the seriousness of the accusations is underscored when she discloses that she has a hidden link to them.

Britney is Leo Tanaka’s (Tim Kano) ex-girlfriend, according to TV Week! During their brief and tumultuous relationship, she became pregnant and gave birth to a daughter, Abigail, whom they mistook for their daughter Isla.

This snafu impacts more than just the husbands.

Leo can’t believe what he’s hearing, and the fact that he’s been kept in the dark about Britney’s pregnancy irritates him. When his ex verifies that she tried to contact him but was never responded, his rage is quickly replaced by remorse.

Leo agrees to raise the baby alongside Britney, at least for the time being, knowing that he has to rise up to the plate.

David and Aaron are desperate for answers and want to know how Britney got entangled in their dilemma. She admits that she met Nicolette during a pre-natal class and that she had post-natal depression after giving child. When Paul arrived in Canberra in search of Nicolette, Britney gave Nicolette the option of handing over Abigail instead.

Everyone is stunned by the explanation, and David and Aaron are distraught. To make matters worse, Nicolette comes to Erinsborough soon after with her genuine kid, Isla.

Offering David and Aaron some quality time with their daughter seems like a good idea, but as the couple struggles to bond with Isla after weeks of caring for another infant, it appears that things may not go as planned.

When Nicolette returns, she informs the guys that the plan they had agreed upon – her giving over the kid to them – would not be carried out. Instead, it appears that she will remain in the area.

Meanwhile, Paul’s secret appears to have been revealed! With Britney and Nicolette in Erinsborough, the truth about him paying Nicolette back won’t be kept hidden for long

With the identity of the infant he brought back to town out in the open, his covert purchase of Nicolette and David’s kid can no longer be kept concealed. Then, when his wife Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) hears of his shady activities with Jesse (Cameron Robbie), it appears like the straw that breaks the camel’s back has arrived.

Paul and Terese’s marriage appears to be the primary victim of his deceptions, as seen in the Here & Now teaser on Channel 5.

What the consequences of Nicolette and Britney’s betrayal will be yet to be seen…

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