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Neighbours spoilers: Shock kiss spells renewed romance for Nic and Chloe

The on-again, off-again duo from Neighbours is set for an unexpected, and probably ill-advised, amorous reunion. If you’re a Nicole fan, this will be welcome news, but the rest of us will be shouting ‘DON’T DO IT’ on the television as Chloe (April Rose Pengilly) and Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) rekindle their romance. This has the stamp of a poor idea all over it.

The couple’s relationship has had a tumultuous history, but they are now on excellent terms. Given what they’ve been through, that’s quite an accomplishment. Chloe is eager to make amends and extends a new olive branch to her ex-boyfriend in the form of a spare ticket to a city performance. It’s a chance to save their friendship at the very least. It’s a little awkward at first, as one might expect from exes who have done such bad things, but they soon begin to enjoy each other’s company like old friends.

They needed an evening of fun, and they were able to successfully repair the harm to their friendship. Could it, though, go any further? They both sense it’s possible, and there’s electricity in the air, but Nicolette is torn: does she really want to go through it again? After all, Chloe had brutally betrayed her.

Nicolette’s body makes up her mind for her after warring with her thoughts – she goes in for an unplanned kiss. It’s an uninvited move, and Chloe is taken aback, but she loves it. They decide to take a walk to talk things over more thoroughly and figure out where they should go from here. Chloe is taken aback when Nicolette discloses what she actually wants from her ex-boyfriend. What is it that she desires?

Scenes will begin airing on Channel 5 on Monday, November 29.

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