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Neighbours spoilers: Toadie puts the breaks on the triangle

In Neighbours, Toadie (Ryan Moloney) has been completely consumed by his relationship problems. He wants Melanie (Lucinda Cowen) back, but he realizes he’s messed everything up. Is he capable of getting things back on track?

In an attempt to win her back, he makes a big seductive and romantic gesture, but it backfires in a way that could ruin everything forever.

Rose (Lucy Durack) is, of course, waiting in the wings to make her move, and Melanie plays straight into her hands by attacking her in front of Toadie, who comes to her defense. It’s the final straw for Mel, who decides she’s had enough and is quitting. Rose sees this as an opportunity to make a move, but Toadie makes it clear that he isn’t interested. Despite Rose’s best efforts to win him over with alcohol, he tells her that things aren’t going to work out between them…yet.

When Toadie’s Father’s Day goes awry, he is even more distraught. Melanie had planned something special, but she cancels it due to the termination of their relationship. Mel watches from afar as Rose tries to save the day, and her heart breaks a little more. Toadie is missing her as well; could this be the start of a reconciliation?

Toadie is surprised when he gets home after his love life turmoil to find Nell inquiring about Amy’s (Jacinta Stapleton) strange relationship after seeing her with the two men. Later, Nell draws a picture of the three of them together, which horrifies Toadie. He’s even more enraged because he urged Amy to protect Nell from her relationship, and she appears to have breached that fundamental rule. Toadie is desperate for it to end, and he wants it to happen soon.

Amy is devastated by Toadie’s new rule and seeks help from Levi (Richie Morris). With their own relationship on the rocks, this gives them the opportunity to mend fences by assisting her in smoothing things over with Toadie. Toadie returns home to find her waiting for him with cocktails, and she has an idea. She proposes a proposal that will allow her to keep both of her boyfriends, but will Toadie accept it?

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