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Neighbours Spoilers:Roxy’s explosive truth, Yashvi in danger, and Chloe’s baby decision.


The neighbours are getting up in each other's business this week because big scandals are about to come to the fore, and those who are about to be revealed may find themselves in a lot of trouble. Roxy had the secret of her kiss with Shane (Nick Coghlan) weighing down on her, and so far she's been able to keep it, but it's a ticking time bomb that's about to go off, and you can guarantee it's going to leave a huge trail of destruction on its path. The fact that Yashvi (Olivia Junkeer) is under terrible danger is desperately kept secret by Ned (Ben Hall). How long will he maintain a schtum while keeping her safe as well? One secret that's out is about the wife of Pierce, and now Chloe is facing the consequences of coping with it, with a huge decision weighing on her shoulders. Yet Kyle seems to have a dirty little secret when he finds himself in a bit of a mess when Bea, as well as Finn, trap him in a very difficult situation.

Can Roxy face Dipi after what she’s done?

Roxy has been carrying some serious guilt since he kissed Shane, and to be fair to him. He wanted to come clean to his wife for a while, but Roxy asked him not to do so. But it's all starting to get a little too much. Her relationship with Shane is in tatters, and she confesses the truth to Harlow, who understands incredibly well. She informs Roxy that she has to face Shane and Dipi at the barbecue, and she decides that she's ready to tell Dipi the truth. But when Shane finds out he's going to panic, which Toadie knows. But before Roxy can spill the beans, Dipi gets there first–apologizing and treating her to a spa day. 

 Chloe’s baby decision.

The reality about why Hendrix's mom came to town is coming out, and it's a shock, she wants Pierce to have another kid with her. And to tell the truth, Pierce is tempted–he can't have any children with Chloe despite her Huntington's diagnosis, so this might be his only hope for more babies. Yet he knows that his marriage can wreck if Chloe isn't on board, so he leaves the decision to her.

Ned tries to defend Yashvi against his violent past.

Ned is freaked out after Zenin's warning and is still not completely clear on what he said. He walks to advise Paul, who is asking him to call the bluff of Zenin. No matter what it takes to saved Yashvi, Ned is determined to take over the situation. He bails with her on a date to take part in a mysterious meeting, but she takes it for a hint that he doesn't forgive her anything. She doesn't know that he goes to prison to meet an old combat ring friend, Kane. Can he contribute to bringing light on what Zenin wants?

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