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Friday, May 20, 2022

    Next week’s Emmerdale spoilers include death, a return, and a kiss.

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    Next week’s Emmerdale spoilers detail 13 big storylines, including Meena’s return.

    She’s only been gone for two weeks, but she’s already plotting her ultimate vengeance…

    Meanwhile, Manpreet, who is struggling, has decided to leave the community.

    All of this and more will be revealed in the Emmerdale spoilers for next week.

    1. Meena is back in the village

    She’s back, and this time she’s serious. Meena Jutla lurks in the shadows, keeping an eye on the peasants.

    She’s hiding in a park after seeing Billy and Dawn’s’save the date’ statement on social media.

    It, predictably, does not make her pleased, and she pledges vengeance.

    Meena is determined to make Billy pay for choosing Dawn over her, but which of them will she target to inflict the most pain on him?

    Is Billy on the verge of dying? Could she assassinate Dawn in order to continue torturing Billy?

    One thing is certain: Meena will not leave quietly…

    2. Charity chooses Vanessa over Mack

    Charity puts on her best outfit for her playdate with Vanessa and her children.

    Mack isn’t thrilled about it, but he keeps quiet about it.

    Mack tries to call Charity while she is absorbed in conversation with Vanessa. Charity declines the call and hangs up when Ryan tries to reach her as well.

    How will Mack respond to Vanessa leaving him out in the cold?

    3. Ryan gets terrible news

    Ryan receives several calls, and when he eventually answers, he receives bad news.

    Irene, his adoptive mother, passed away.

    He tells Mackenzie, who recommends him to tell Charity, but Ryan refuses.

    Mack is the one who tells the truth, but how will Charity react?

    4. Charity loses everyone

    When Charity is enraged that they didn’t tell her about Ryan’s news sooner, she makes it all about herself.

    She’s even left out in the cold by Vanessa, who believes her behavior was wrong, as she realizes she’s upset both Mack and Ryan.

    Mackenzie takes to the bottle, but Vanessa pushes Charity to get back on track. Will she be able to save herself before it’s too late?

    5. Mack kisses Dawn!

    When Mackenzie sees Charity with Vanessa again, he leaps at Dawn and kisses her.

    Charity notices and the couple’s relationship is gone.

    Vanessa tries to get Mack to see reason, but has he blown it?

    Can Mack persuade Charity to forgive him for his inebriated blunder?

    6. Manpreet gave a difficult choice

    Vinny is frantic for Liv to be released from prison, but the cops tell him they can’t since there isn’t enough hard evidence.

    Vinny takes matters into his own hands and pays a visit to Manpreet in the hospital, asking her to tell the police what she remembers.

    Will she go through with it?

    7. Liv gets out?

    Vinny is ecstatic when new evidence leads to Liv’s court appearance.

    He goes to the court to meet her, but he’s carrying a secret with him.

    Will Liv be able to escape?

    8. Vinny lies to help Liv

    Vinny is ecstatic when new evidence leads to Liv’s court appearance.

    He goes to the court to meet her, but he’s carrying a secret with him.

    Will Liv be able to escape?

    9. Jacob spirals out of control

    Leyla is concerned about Jacob, especially after DS Rogers informs them that Meena is most likely gone.

    Jacob takes a go at Vinny, and Leyla realizes she must intervene.

    Leyla devises a strategy based on what David would do, but will it be successful?

    10. Exit for Manpreet?

    Manpreet, who is struggling with everything that has happened, advises to Charles that she go away.

    Charles is adamant that she stay so they may fight her demons together.

    When Manpreet is released from the hospital, however, it is evident that she is fragile and scared.

    She puts on a brave façade, but how long can she keep this up?

    11. The Woolpack for sale

    When an auction sign goes up in the window, the Woolpack is going to gain new owners.

    Chas is confronted with reality, but when the pub reopens, who will be behind the bar?

    12. Belle and Ellis are on

    Belle is sad when she and Ellis are unable to meet at the B&B.

    Can she make it work with Ellis on the quiet now that she realizes having fun with him may never happen?

    13. Billy and Dawn set the date

    After Dawn’s kiss with Mack, Billy, and Dawn resolve to make the most of the day.

    Billy informs her that he wishes to marry her as soon as possible, and they select a date.

    Nothing can possibly go wrong now…

    Do you want more Emmerdale spoilers? You can get your Emmerdale fix before the latest episodes air by visiting Entertainment Daily’s dedicated Emmerdale spoilers area.

    Emmerdale usually airs weeknights at 7 pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8 pm on Thursdays.

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