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Reliving the horror! Home and Away’s Leah recounts her kidnap ordeal

Leah is home safe and sound after weeks of torture at the hands of her deranged kidnapper. But it's obvious that her horrific ordeal left her terrified and damaged.
Leah (Ada Nicodemou) rarely sleeps or eats–and at the slightest touch, he recoils. Despite doing their best to help, Justin (James Stewart) and Irene (Lynne McGranger) are worried that she may never recover.

When police call for details about Douglas (Adam Booth), Leah's desire to help shocks the couple. They visit the police station together, where Leah learns the disturbing truth about her attacker.

He'd say his wife was a blog fan and wanted to meet her. The ruse took Leah to the carpark at the hospital, where she was pulled into his car.
"In fact, Douglas ' wife was a fan, and Leah's blog gave her the courage to leave their abusive relationship," Ada, 42, told WEEK-TV.
"So Douglas blames her for falling apart. He calls and pretends that his wife is in hospital. Leah agrees to visit, and then kidnaps her."

At this point in the interview, Leah is noticeably upset but is moving on to recount the days spent in the cabin. Ultimately, Leah begins to feel better, as if a weight was lifted.
Leah surprises Justin in the driveway the next day. He fills her in on Ben's (Rohan Nichol) birthday bash, and alludes to being alive and well in the community spirit.
Suddenly, Leah doesn't know about the death of Robbo (Jake Ryan) and Mason (Orpheus Pledger)–and asking her could cause irreparable damage…

Ada reflects on shooting the spine-chilling scenes "It was so weird to put on that wedding dress! I was actually in Greece on holidays and the day I went back to work, jetlagged, and we shot these horrific cabin scenes [laughs]! I really enjoyed being challenged like that. 'Working opposite Adam Booth was fantastic, and he was really very frightening when the cameras rolled, and it made it look like that.


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