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Robbo,s death confirmed on today’s episode?

Jasmine went to see Robbo, she was happy to see him alive. After talking to him, she went to her house and saw some of her Pics with Robbo thinking that they will live happily now. Robbo was seen fine when he was talking to Jasmine. Jasmine left from there and Colby came to see him. Robbo talked to Colby and told him to take care of his family while holding his hand but suddenly Robbo was unconscious and Doctor rushed towards him to but, everyone was shocked to see that Robbo is dead now.

Everyone was shocked to see that Robbo is dead now. Jasmine was unaware of this while she was coming back to hospital Colby stopped her and told her not to go inside, but she insisted to go. Jasmine was heartbroken to see that Robbo is gone now, she was shouting at Doctor that what have you done to him. She is in shock and can't believe that Robbo is dead.

Jasmine loved Robbo, but she is alone now as no one is there who can support her. After returning safely from hospital siege, she thought they would live happily and she wants to extend her family and have kids but suddenly this happenedRobbo's death left everyone in shock. As a Home And Away fan, it was really painful for us to see him die as he was one of the best actors in Home and away and we will miss him.

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