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Sarah Roberts’ emotional farewell to Home And Away co-star Zoë Ventoura will break your heart

It was a tragic week on Home And Away, with the exit of the temporary doctor Alex from Summer Bay, played by Zoë Ventoura.
The stunning doctor came to step in for Tori, the character of Penny McNamee, while she was from Northern Districts Hospital on maternity leave. Although she stole not only our hearts but the heart of one character-Willow (Sarah Roberts) in the series.

 The start of their relationship may have been tumultuous, with Willow, in turn, trying to understand her feelings for Alex and her sexuality, but ultimately it blossomed into one of the show's greatest loves.
Alex's maternity contract came to an end with Tori returning, leading her to leave the Bay and Willow for her next role–and, in turn, farewell to Home And Away.
The couple shared one last night before Willow woke up alone on her pillow with a heartbreaking goodbye note. Sob!-Sob!

 With the airing episode, Sarah took to Instagram to share her gratitude for Zoë and their love story on the television.
"Whenever you love someone, that's what you mean. Else, the moment would just slip you by," she wrote. "Willow & Alex … I had the opportunity to hear the most wonderful love scene on the screen."

The actress continued by thanking producers and viewers for bringing to life the first same-sex relationship of the series-other than Ty Anderson (Darius Williams) who came out as gay while living with John and Marilyn before leaving the show in 2018.
"I knew how important this storyline would be to the LGBTQ community. I feel so fortunate to be a part of it. I hope that means more chances and more acceptance."I can't help but tear up hearing all the comments from our newly found fans. We see you and we appreciate your comment.'

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