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Sarah Roberts from Home and Away: Willows cold feet around Alex

The Summer Bay folk may be preparing to wave their own – popular young resident Willow (Sarah Roberts) – an emotional goodbye to another. But just let's say they'd be wise to put on ice any arrangements for a farewell party!

To Willow, who announced last month she'll soon be moving to Queensland with her emergency room doctor girlfriend Alex (Zoë Ventoura), may not be as excited for the interstate switch because Alex takes Willow by shock in the episode when she proposes they buy a house together in Queensland.

Although Willow struggles to keep her emotions in check, we see that this new proposal has left her more than a little rattled.

"I think Willow starts thinking she is the one that has to create all the change in her life," Sarah says. "She can also start feeling a bit bitter and angry because Alex was the one who puts her job first.

"She'd enjoy it if Alex could get a position closer to the Bay or that, whether they transfer to Queensland, it won't be forever." Feeling distraught, Willow then confesses to Alex that she's been thrown away by the life-changing idea of her mother. As for Alex, she can't see why Willow doesn't embrace what she saw in her relationship as the logical next step.

"This is the first time they have had a bit of tension between them," Sarah says.

In reality, an argument broke out between the two before long, with Willow dropping a surprise of his own on a shocked Alex. She's not convinced she's going to stop!

Alex steps away severely weakened by Willow's sudden acceptance.

Willow and Alex had a frank–yet calmer–conversation later that evening. This period, Willow is assuring Alex she only needs to be with her.

"Alex absolutely loves Willow," Sarah notes. "There's no denying it." But it seems as though Willow's sincere comment may now fall on deaf ears. What does Alex mean to Willow that it all changes?

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