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Soap Spoilers: EastEnders return, Coronation Street discovery, Emmerdale child disappearance, Hollyoaks discovery

It's a week of change in the land of soap when Sharon Mitchell makes a massive move in EastEnders — and it's one that could change everything — while Alya Nazir does some research and thus makes a huge discovery of Geoff Metcalfe on Coronation Street. In the meantime, Paddy Kirk leaves Eve in the car in Emmerdale while attempting to save Marlon Dingle, and Edward Hutchinson plans to make a shocking revelation in Hollyoaks.


Danny Hardcastle emerges with an interesting idea for Ben, who pretends to be able to understand what Danny says to keep up appearances, and is eager to ensure that the suspicious businessman doesn't get wind of his hearing loss.

Linda joins Sharon to register Kayden's birth, but once they return, Sharon receives a phone call telling her that Dennis ' body is being released. Eventually, Sharon makes a huge decision. Danny learns that Callum's involvement in the police is worrying him, and causes Ben to come clean about his trial.

With everything gone pear-shaped, Ben lashes out at Callum and goes to the storm.

Coronation Street

Alya went to police and reports to Geoff — as she thinks he must have a history of abuse. There's a literary society talk and— when Roger has to back out— Claudia suggests that Ken should take part.

He takes to the stage and describes one of his short stories. If questions are asked from the crowd, the first person to lift their hand is Norris. Evelyn and Tyrone, together with Cerberus, pay a visit to the vets, and, while doing so, Evelyn bumps into the old flame Arthur.


Vanessa explains to Tracy that she has written the last will— something that leaves her stunned. However, as she prepares for her surgery and goes into hospital, will Tracy uncover this to anyone? Paddy's concerned about Marlon, and so he's determined to take his friend out for a ride with his baby Eve.

Problems arise, when— during the ride — Marlon begins to feel uncomfortable when he feels a dull pain in his arm Paddy's concerned when his friend shows the extent of the pain he's experiencing, and he begins to believe he has a heart attack.

They're racing to the hospital, and two paramedics are helping Marlon, but a little Paddy realizes he's left baby Eve sleeping alone in the car The thought eventually dawns on him, and he speeds up to his car, but he's shocked to find that Eve is not there.​


Darren puts on a smile and promises to Mandy that the old Darren is back, but he struggles again when he's alone in the flat. Mandy is concerned about his behavior and relays her fears to Luke, Kyle, Cindy, and Nancy, but something is going on with Kyle.

Edward informs Diane that he's planning to reveal their affair to Tony, and— later in the week— he learns that he's won the award, and decides that he wants both Tony and Diane to attend the presentation, as he accepts the award and delivers his speech. Still, Diane fears that he's going to reveal all.

Ollie and Imran struggle to come up with an idea about their environmental initiative, so then they take a photoshoot for sustainability, and that's why Ollie dresses up in a bin bag — something he's not happy with that. Imran takes the pics, while Tom plays the role of the wind machine.

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