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Speak 43 languages simply by pressing the button-“Even my 60-year-old mother loves this app

My name is Emmanuel, and I'm a 31 year old Nomad. Over the last 7 years, homeless people have toured more than 50 nations. I've been traveling in places like Cambodia, Japan, Turkey, Portugal, Nicaragua and South Africa for months. If you like to fly, or if you want to ride more often than not, you're going to like this amazing device that I'm going to comment on.

What if you could communicate with anyone in the world, no matter what your interlocutor's language is? It would sound like some kind of Star Trek movie, but it's precisely what MUAMA Enence does! This instant interpreter converts more than 40 languages in actual time by simply pushing a button. As a frequent traveler, I can't get enough of it, and it's so perfect that last month, I also purchased one for my mother, so she'd be healthy while on the trip. Here's my frank analysis.

Firstly it is very useful in emergencies.

Tell me, how do you question your way when you're lost? How are you trying to negotiate a cab without it being robbed off? How do you contact the police or receive specific medical attention if something occurs to you? It's very complicated when you don't know the country's language.

And that's what happened to my 60-year-old mother when we were in Russia… in the 1990s, my wife, my dad and I were on holiday in Russia… Sadly, during the night, my mother fell ill: severe stomach pain, vomiting and fever.A few hours later, we heard that she had died from "food poisoning
"She had been doing everything for a few minutes to explain her dilemma to the hotel manager. She imitated signs of stomach pain to ask her to see a doctor. But the hotel concierge didn't understand a word, so he ordered the hotel room service, assuming that my mother was thirsty.
My mother finally came out of it and had the proper medical care, but in a case like that, it would be very useful to speak in a foreign language.
When mom and dad are traveling right now, they always choose "all inclusive hotels" and barely leave the hotel. She tells me that when they arrive in another country, they feel lost because of the language barrier.I gave MUAMA Enence to my mother for her birthday, and she says she has given her confidence to explore new cultures again!
How does technology work?

 MUAMA Enence has also been created in Japan: the country of advanced technology, the best machines,… And the very best voice equipment. Although this is a device, it's very strong and simple to use…
All you need to do is choose the language in which you communicate. Only press the "A" button to start talking.
Release the "A" button and your "MUAMA Enence" instant translator will automatically translate what you just said to the selected language.
Click the "B" button-let your foreign friend talk. Instead click the "B" button and your "MUAMA Enence" instant interpreter to instantly interpret what you hear in your native language.

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