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SPOILER ALERT: Marilyn and John’s marriage reaches crisis point on Home and Away,

Marilyn has built a strong connection with the Parata family since their arrival in Summer Bay – especially Ari, who helped her during hospital siege. Unfortunately, the jealousy of Marilyn (Emily Symons) husband John (Shane Withington) is about to land her at an uncomfortable crossroads in.

John isn't pleased with the behavior of newcomers Ari and Kikau (Image: Channel Seven)

New Zealand migrants struggle to find a foot in Summer Bay. Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams,) and his nephew Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo,) did not find a career and the expenses piled up.
Nikau's mother Gemma (Bree Peters) works at the Diner, but her wages barely cover their motel's expense.

The Paratas haven't found a permanent base in the Bay so far. (Image: Channel Seven)

"Ari is confused between the past that he has had and is having now," Rob tells WEEK-TV. "He doesn't make what he used to do and supporting his family is becoming a challenge." After a day of job hunting, the group returns to the motel to find their belongings on the curb and a notice of eviction stuck onto the wall. Where is that family going to go?
Uri says they're bunkering down for the night in the car and picking up things tomorrow.
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Ari's brother Tane is handy with the gloves (Image: Channel Seven)

Ari and Nikau head to the beach for a shower the next morning as Gemma heads to the Diner. The two men use the facilities to rinse their clothes and brush their teeth-just as John, who is Summer Bay councilor, passes by."There are certain people in the Bay who can't help but pry and Ari becomes quite paranoid and aggressive," Rob says. A bristling John is shouting off the couple about inappropriate use of the toilets. When, in turn, Nikau tells him to think of his own business, John demands that they respect the protocol or call the police. It's a bad move and Ari tells John to get back down.

John tells off the Paratas for using showers improperly (Image: Channel Seven)

Meanwhile, Marilyn at the Diner tells Gemma that she knows about their situation and offers help. Gemma declines, but then rattles her brother-in-law Tane (Ethan Browne) to get a phone call. She is concerned about Gemma's welfare, as Marilyn overhears, and insists the Paratas come to stay with her.

A worried Marilyn makes Gemma a kind offer (Image: Channel Seven)

John walks in later that night to find the whole family at his house! He and Marilyn get into a heated debate–finally with John storming out.
Stuck for a fix, Marilyn finds comfort in Irene (Lynne McGranger) and accepts the breakdown of her family.
Despite her teetering engagement, and Marilyn taking refuge in a handsome stranger, is this new disagreement going to push the once loving couple to breakpoint?


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