Wednesday 5th February Part One

Geoff keeps eating Yasmeen's made breakfast and calling her pathetic. He tells her she should make amends by doing some more rehearsals but he leaves her locked in and goes to the bar when she gets into the car. She is left scared. Roy notices that Nina has a backpack, but she's going to getaway. Beth tells Roy that she saw Nina eat food from the bins. Ray asks Alya and Bethany to be extra nice to the visitors, so Bethany serves a childish ice cream customer, leaving Ray to stay with her. Tim plays the track of their wedding dance through the letterbox, but Sally refuses him.

Wednesday 5th February Part Two


Geoff returns to see Yasmeen terrified, and Tim is confused. Yasmeen opens up what Geoff did to Eileen. Fearing that he was losing his upper hand, Geoff reported to Yasmeen that his ex-wife had abused him. Nina sits in the hallway, but she is surrounded by a mob. Roy and Carla have made a disturbing discovery, but they have finally found her and Nina accepts their support. Daniel urges Bethany to carry out her new mission. Sally looks up Tim's divorce papers and discovers an invitation to a wedding inside.

Friday 7th February

  In the 10,000th episode, Rita is heartbroken to receive Dennis ' ashes and wants to scatter them during Blackpool. The residents take a trip down the Rita Memory Lane as they open up to each other on the walk. Rita entrusts her feelings for Dennis to Ken. Jenny hires a mentor and invites other people to join them but the day turns into chaos as events spiral out of control and feelings escalate and life changes.

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