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Spoilers Emmerdale: Dawn Taylor was shocked when son Lucas fired Billy Fletcher?

EMMERDALE ends tonight but in future scenes, Dawn Taylor will be left distraught and will look for answers as her son Lucas discovers a knife, but will Billy Fletcher become his victim?

As viewers of Emmerdale know, Dawn Taylor (played by Olivia Bromley) has had a rough year after her son was removed from her following her previous drug fight. But when Lucas receives a pistol from Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) later this week, Will, Harriet (Katharine Dow Blyton) and Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) are all of a sudden put in serious danger.

Dawn worked hard to get her son's full-time custody again and tried to keep everything on track so this could happen. 

However, this week, as Lucas finds and guns, she will jeopardize her plans and point it at Billy. 

Billy has tried to help Dawn look after Lucas, giving him a fun atmosphere to which he will want to keep coming back.

But when the fort collapses Dawn snaps, alarming Lucas, is she going to scare him off?

Dawn starts to crumble again believing her rage has destroyed it, however, she learns nothing, this is only the beginning.

Dawn's dad Will will be trying to get Lucas out of his shell the following day, however, his worrying might have devastating consequences.

In a preview clip, Will calls upstairs to make sure Lucas is all right and begins to panic when he doesn't respond.

Will will wonder if he should let him play upstairs or not and then Harriet asks him to go. Billy will say: "So just decide during his next plan of attack?" Yet when he turns around, he's encountered little Lucas pointing the gun at him, but will he pull the trigger?

Will Billy be left dead until Dawn kills him for good?

Will has a very dark past in drug dealing and during his marriage to Harriet, he was even sent to jail. 

Now things with his wife and daughter are back on track, but how will Dawn react is Will is the reason she loses Lucas for good? 

Questions will then have to be asked about why Will has a gun and why Lucas found it so easy. 

Will return to his old ways or is she really reforming


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