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Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’ Tease That Michael’s Got A Proposition For Sasha

Michael Corinthos is ready to do whatever it takes to protect his son Wiley from Nelle Benson, and the General Hospital spoilers are suggesting that he is going to be making a major Sasha has done her utmost to stand alongside Michael as he converts to being Wiley's father rather than godfather.

Would she now be willing to marry and support him? This is what Michael will be looking for according to the new issue of Soap Opera Digest.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Diane will tell Michael that being married could give him an edge in his upcoming battle for Nelle's custody. Michael is going to talk about it with Sasha, but that may be more than she's ready for right now."That's entirely unexpected and sudden. It's big getting married and something that you want to do on your terms. The relationship between Michael and Sasha is in such a great place as it is, they have an incredible thing going on, and the main fear would be to do anything that could ruin that, "says actress Sofia Mattsson, who plays Sasha. Sasha does, of course, want to see Michael manage to keep Wiley away from Nelle. Sasha seems to be open to considering marrying Michael if he and Diane believe it will help. General Hospital reports, however, say she is both terrified and enthusiastic about the proposal.

And although raising a child wasn't on her mind or radar, she's willing to step up and support Michael to whatever she can," Sofia explains. Based on the new SheKnows Soaps General Hospital spoilers, it sounds as if this conversation about marriage possibly comes during the Friday, March 13 episode airing. It seems, at least for now, that Sasha is ready and willing to stand by Michael's side. Fans have suggested, however, that the pair might not be able to make it together through this challenge.

Will Michael and Sasha marry, and will it stick? Spoilers at the General Hospital have indicated that Nelle may win in this battle of custody, but fans are quite sure that the war will continue, even if she does. Also, if Sasha's determined to stick with Michael, fans wondered if Willow would become a big complicationViewers should expect to see this plan of partnership come during the week of March 9. Spoilers at the General Hospital reveal that this will be an emotional discussion that could set the stage for heartbreak in the coming weeks.

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