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Spoilers from EastEnders: Ian Beale being the target of a cruise party tragedy when new evidence emerges?

Ian Beale, the EASTENDERS stalwart, is set to take center stage in the massive anniversary week of the drama, which will see one beloved character tragically killed in a horrible accident. Despite new evidence coming up mere days before the suspect is identified, could the time for the Walford businessman be up on the Square?

Ian (played by Adam Woodyatt) had a tumultuous couple of months on EastEnders, with a popular character struggling to adjust to his murderer son Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell) coming back from young offenders, running for Walford Mayor and harboring long-time friend Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean). Most ITV soap characters will be thrown into the danger zone this week as a cruise party suddenly turns into a horrible tragedy, with the stalwart right in the center. With facts circulating on social media about the show's favorite hero, could its success imply he's the tragedy's unfortunate victim?

When his son Bobby is hit, the businessman would end up on the sea and is in dire need of life-saving activity.

Whether the confrontation will lead to catastrophe is not yet known, but spoilers have revealed that Ian will wade through a flood of water as emergency lights flash around him.

People will have to wait until Friday to learn who the suspect is, but their theories about who is about to make a dangerous escape have already been broadcasting.

UKTV Play's analysis found that the sometimes ruthless businessman is among the show's most known characters so bosses might have believed it was his moment to bow?

Reviewing feedback on Reddit and Mumsnet, the researchers found Ian to be the number one contender at the peak of their Top Ten Soap Crushes.

Their analysis revealed that he was included in almost all the treads that applied to soap character crushes, rendering him the most popular EastEnders guy. According to the anniversary show, a UKTV Play spokesman told exclusively: "As our study reveals, Ian Beale is a favorite fan in more ways than one.
"He's one of the last remaining original stars, having been in more than 3500 episodes since the very start of the soap in 1985 and a departure will cause shockwaves."

Having been on the soap since it launched in 1985 and the series celebrating 35 years on television, could this proof lead to the death of Ian?

Max Branning (Jake Wood) was second on the list, with the gangster Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) taking third place.

These two protagonists will also end up on the boat during the anniversary week at some stage, so could either of them meet the Grim Reaper?

Using Facebook, fans shared their fears that the fish shop owner might be the disaster's unfortunate survivor.

Another posted on the social media platform: "My shortlist of potential candidates that will face their creator in #EastEnders next week… Phil, Denny, Colin, Bex, Mick etc. #EastEnders35. "Another added:" What if Ian would die? It'd be Lar!!!! #EastEnders. "Analyzing the previews for the dramatic series, a sixth commented:" OMG would imply that Ian might have died #eastenders.\

Last month, Mick Carte star Danny Dyer, 42, spoke to Radio Times wondering who the unfortunate target would be.

They're] some of the best episodes[ EastEnders has] ever made,” explained the soap actor. He continued from the horror of death:”[ The victim] was a real shock to everyone, really… it's really powerful stuff, and we're trying to get a message out, and sometimes when you're doing that, you know, yo…

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