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Home and Away came to close at the end of 2019,where several lives were in danger during the hospital siege. The Family members were praying for their loved ones save return.

There were a lot of headache as relationship broke down and caused irreparable damage to due the family members, but these hardships led to reaffirm love.

As the Summer season rolls for one more year, the drama in Summer Bay are going to be dialed up to a hot heatwave as the city grieves Two tragic losses, and a marriage brings the community along.

In an interview, TV Week talks to Home and away produces Lucy who said it will break many hearts.



Home and Away finale was really shocking for the fans as an ordinary day at the hospital turned into a bad nightmare as some armed men entered the ward and order every person in the ward to lay down.
The mission of the armed men were to terrorize the town. But Robbo feared turned out to be true as they targeted his love ones.

Robbo was expecting a perfect life with Jasmine, Baby Grave and Tori but the table was turned again but Robbo will do anything to save her baby,Tori and Jasmine life.

But according to the producers Jasmine,Marilyn, Alex and Tori life will be in danger.

The idea for the finale episode was to create a dramatic episode where they wanted every cast member to include and the Producer said that they wanted the finale episodes to be great which fans can't forget. At the end of episode, a bullet was fired but the question was who got shot?

But the hint given by the producers was pointing towards a death of fans favourite.

Ben and Maggie

Year 2019 was really tough for Ben and Maggie as they came to know that Maggie is suffering from cancer.

After some tough months, Maggie's health was fine but Ben was mentally disturb. Their wedding was hanging by a thread. The Question is will be able to leave their past behind.
In 2020,they are expecting to move on and left their past behind.

Dean and Ziggy

Ziggy left Summer bay as she wanted to follow her dreams which broke Dean heartbroken, and he was alone again andsoon Ziggy realized that Dean was her future.

But when she returned to Summer Bay she was shocked to know that Dean is caught in the siege. Ziggy really wants to meet Dean and want to fight for their relationship.Will Ziggy going to tell Dean how she feels or Dean will die in the siege.

Ryder and Jade

Jade, and Ryder were in really trouble as they released their sex tape on the internet. Ryder was not accepting this that he released sex tape but the police had a strong evidence which led to Ryder arrest.

The chargers made against Ryder was really tough to fight but his family will be there for him to fight through this.

<img alt="" class="wp-image-428 aligncenter" height="608" src="https://www.ra-apparel.net/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/1578283429454_HERO2-300x250.png" width="730" />


Leah and Justin

The pair was seen with a steamy kiss back in July, they tried their hard to hide their feelings for each other, but later they realized they wanted more than that.

<img alt="" class="wp-image-430 aligncenter" height="645" src="https://www.ra-apparel.net/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/1578283439402_leah-and-justin-300x250.jpg" width="774" />

But its Home and Away every relationship is always in danger as in the finale Leah received a phone call, and after some days she was missing and Justin was not able to find a single trace. This is Justin test as how he behave in this situation and will they will be able to find Leah?


Saving Grace

After a lot of struggles Tori will be able to enjoy motherhood and will spend some time with baby Grace.

But only the time will tell what happens next as Tori was caught in the siege, and it's a question will he be able to get out of siege without losing her life.

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  1. Why are they telling us all this we all know that Mason dies !  As it was all over the internet … I wish it was Jasmine that got killed as I for one can't stand her !! 

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