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Stalker, cheating scandal and the return of Tex: 8 huge Home and Away spoilers

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This week on Home and Away, Cash (Nicholas Cartwright) learns that the wedding car’s brakes were broken intentionally and that the bikers are still trying to kill him. The prisoner provides enough details during a stressful visit with Tex (Lucas Linehan) to persuade Cash that the Parata home is bugged. He flips the house upside down with Gary in tow to validate his suspicions. As a result of his rage, Cash sets out to exact revenge on Eden (Stephanie Panozzo).

The abusive relationship is now over, and Bree (Juliet Godwin) is in shock after realising she killed Jacob (Alex Williams). Yet as she makes sense of what happened and delivers her account, she begins to question her connection with Remi (Adam Rowland). Was their relationship sincere, or was it merely a way for her to leave her unhappy marriage?

The following is the Home and Away schedule for the week beginning March 13.

Cash sees Tex in jail, and he has some inquiries.

After the fatal tragedy on Felicity’s wedding day, Eden is laying in a hospital bed in a coma, and Cash is heartbroken and enraged to see her there. He will do whatever it takes, including defying official police policy, to exact revenge on the lady he loves. The following day, Cash leaves his possessions at the prison so he can visit a friend, Tex. Cash wants Tex to explain himself since he believes the bikers are to blame for the accident. Tex isn’t cooperating, despite Cash’s probing questions, though. He is coy and queries how he could possibly accomplish anything from behind bars. But Cash is aware of his covert behaviour.

Felicity uses alcohol as a coping mechanism for her trauma.
Felicity has returned home from the hospital, but despite being in good physical health, she is not in good mental health. She is instantly overcome by visions of the disaster everywhere she turns, and she is forced to place all the guilt on herself. She thinks Eden rushed when they were going there because she had cold feet on the wedding day, which is why they crashed. Felicity, in an effort to move forward, returns to work before she is truly prepared so she can concentrate on anything else. But before long, she retires to the stock room when the images return. She finds comfort among the alcohol bottles there.

To assist Dean, will Mali relocate to the Bay?
As Mali starts to appear more frequently around the Bay, John makes care to introduce him to everyone. He can’t help but savour the town’s atmosphere, especially given that it is so close to the beach. But the constant back and forth between Mantaray Point and the Bay is fast wearing thin. When the kid is born, Dean says he wants to be an involved father and offers that Mali help out around the shop. Mali is surprised because he has a sizable family back home and obligations. How could he simply get up and leave? Mali is conflicted after Dean departs, leaving him to consider his options.

Bree questions the sincerity of her love for Remi.
After killing her husband, Bree is still in shock and finds it hard to accept that everything is actually done. She is compelled to recount her ordeal in a statement to the police. Bree can’t get rid of her bad conscience even if she acted in self-defense. She didn’t just do a violent crime; she also had a sexual encounter with him while she was away. She muses over how to deal with Remi right now. Bree worries Remi won’t think it was consensual despite Rose’s explanation that it wasn’t given the circumstances. She also questions whether her connection with Remi was genuine love or just an affair as the haze starts to clear.

Has Mackenzie been given another chance at love?
Gabriel, Mackenzie’s ex-fiance, chose to appear in Salt Lake City out of the blue, leaving her in a state of emotional upheaval. After some convincing, he is able to approach her and explain his situation; however, when he goes into detail about why he left, Mackenzie becomes even more incensed. According to reports, Gabe received a $50,000 offer from her father, Rick, to call off the engagement and avoid her. Was money truly more important to him than love, Mackenzie wonders? Gabe claims he made a grave error and is prepared to go to any lengths to have her back. Will Mackenzie, nevertheless, give him another chance?

Kirby believes Theo’s supporter is a stalker.

Theo has been secretly keeping in touch with a particularly ardent admirer who has been bombarding him with messages on Lyrik’s social media accounts despite Kirby’s advice that he ignore her. As a package is delivered to the garage for him, the situation gets worse. When he opens it, he is thrilled to discover an amazing self-portrait that the fan has created. The only thing Theo can think of is where to hang it, but Kirby is wary. Why isn’t Theo worried about the growing obsession? How did the fan know where to send the portrait? Then, we see an enigmatic figure hunched over a scrapbook, gathering images and sketches of Theo. Can his supporter become a stalker?

Justin’s overprotective behaviour has angered Leah.

After the accident, Leah has returned from the hospital, and Justin is taking care of all of her needs. When Leah tries to stand up from the couch, Justin goes into overdrive and gives her everything she might require. Soon after, Leah starts to grow impatient with her partner’s actions, and when it becomes evident Justin won’t change, she finally yells at him. The men and ladies are speaking individually when Alf and Roo suddenly step in. Alf hears Justin’s version of events in the diner: he believed Leah was going to die and he never wants her to be hurt once more. So he will do anything to keep her safe.

Stacey betrays Xander because she can’t handle the pressure.

Stacey and Xander are experiencing a pleasant and secure relationship, and Xander even asks Stacey to move in with him. Stacey is in a state of shock since dating just one person had been challenging enough, but taking things to the next level of commitment was too much for her.

Later, as she’s instructing a lesson, she notices a flirtatious client. She informs him that she is already in a committed relationship, but he insists on giving her his card. On patrol that evening, Rose notices a steaming car parked in an improper location. When she requests the driver to roll down the window, she is horrified to discover Stacey herself having sex with the man in the car.

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