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Sunday, August 14, 2022


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    Stuart Highway discovers the truth about his sickness, which may be disturbing for EASTENDERS viewers.

    Stuart’s wife Rainie Highway discovers he’s acting strangely in Monday’s episode of the BBC One soap when he receives a text confirming his doctor’s appointment.

    Stuart (Ricky Champ) learns from his doctor that he has breast cancer at the visit.

    Stuart runs into Rocky Cotton (Brian Conley), who fainted last week, after learning the devastating news.

    Stuart assists Rocky with his things when he returns from the hospital, but Sonia Fowler (Natalie Cassidy) suspects something is wrong with Stuart.

    In Tuesday’s episode, Stuart expresses his true feelings regarding his diagnosis.

    The individual is completely oblivious to his situation, even threatening the doctor before leaving the visit.

    Stuart goes to The Vic after assisting Rocky and begins to drink heavily.

    Sonia notices he’s in bad shape and decides to take him home.

    He tells her what happened at the doctor’s in his intoxicated state, and she tries to help him, but Stuart snaps and slams her against the wall before comprehending his error.

    He apologizes before crying because he is overpowered by emotion.

    Tensions rise later in the week when Rainie interrogates Stuart over why Sonia purchased him a house in Thursday’s episode.

    Sonia approaches Stuart after learning of his cancer to persuade him to inform Rainie, but he refuses, so she offers to accompany him to the appointment.

    The doctor tells Stuart and Sonia that he will need surgery in a doctor’s office full of women, which makes him nervous.

    Rainie notices Sonia and Stuart on their way back from the appointment, which adds to the tension.

    When Rainie confronts him, the breast cancer pamphlet falls on the ground.

    Rainie suspects Sonia has breast cancer right away, and Stuart goes along with it since he doesn’t want to tell his wife.

    Stuart tries desperately to persuade Rainine not to tell Sonia about ‘her’ breast cancer at the conclusion of the week.

    Rainie pays her a visit anyhow, and Sonia realizes she isn’t telling the truth.

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