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Summer Bay’s hot new couple played by Nicholas Cartwright and Sam Frost

Earlier this year, Nicholas Cartwright joined the cast of Home and Away as Senior Sergeant Constable Cash Newman.

Fans of the soap are hoping that his character’s simmering romance with nurse Jasmine Delaney, played by Sam Frost, will last the long haul.

On Thursday, photos on the drama’s official Instagram showed the newcomer dressed in his police uniform and tenderly looking at his leading woman.

In another image, Jasmine, dressed elegantly in a pink gown, appears concerned, but it isn’t until her knight in shining armor enters and takes her hand that she appears at rest.

‘We can’t get enough of this fresh Summer Bay romance as Cash arrives to save Jasmine’s day,’ read the caption, alluded to the cop’s heroic effort.

Fans of the show expressed their admiration for the genetically gifted couple, with one saying, “This better be her happy ending.”

‘Yesssss Jasmine’s one of my fave characters. She deserves a happy ending, she’s been through so much that girl,’ a second added referring to the character’s previous relationships.

‘These two are very cute,’ remarked another, who was followed by a fourth who said, ‘They form a great couple.’

‘Some things likely to go wrong,’ commented one spectator, who couldn’t help but stir the drama. At Summer Bay, there is no such thing as a happily ever after!’

However, there were many words of support for the new Summer Bay pair, including one that wrote, “Love these two.”

Nicholas Cartwright served in the Australian Defence Force before making his debut on Channel Seven’s Home and Away.

After leaving the military, he enrolled in an acting class at the National Institute of Dramatic Art.

‘Transitioning from the Australian Defence Force to civilian life can be a very difficult process for a lot of vets, and I was no different,’ the 33-year-old told The Daily Telegraph. ‘I didn’t want to return to my 9-to-5 job.’

‘Before I joined the army, I was constantly in creative spaces, and I just gravitated back that way,’ he added.

Sam, on the other hand, rose to popularity on The Bachelor and then as The Bachelorette, before going on to do radio and eventually earning a role on Home and Away.

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