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The multi-talented Home and Away star “Luke Jacobz” enjoy quality time at “Thredbo Parks”

The multi-talented, Sydney-based personality has appeared in iconic Australian dramas Home and Away.

Luke Jacob posted a recent snap at Instagram account in which he is enjoyed a day of life with snowing weather,  in the post Luke says that! And now we sleep. Big day. Feeling good. First day in my lifetime of being at the snow where I didn’t wear a beanie, jacket, or gloves ALL day! Perfect weather for it!

Luke also shared a video of enjoyment time at Thredbo park. 

He writes down a caption at the video. I was a little worried about the snow BUT there is enough here to have a great time!

Luke Jacobz is one of Australia’s most famous actors and hosts of television shows with an enviable list of credits including the X Factor Australian Logie winning season.

In 1995 he appeared in a film of The Man of Steel in high school. He came to public attention when he appeared  on Australian teen drama television series as Zac Croft for two years

“Jacob” is a screen name, originating from adding a ‘z’ to Jacob’s actor middle name. In 2009 Jacobz dated his Dancing with Stars partner Luda Kroitor, but some time later the partnership ended. He has one brother (Ben Ashwood), mother (Sue Ashwood), and father (John Ashwood) who is deceased.

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