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The name of the baby Kayden of Sharon Mitchell in EastEnders has a secret meaning.

At first, Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley) got ahead of herself and indicated the name Kayden for her new grandson seemed like the traditional name of the EastEnders kind of Karen Taylor when she told the story of how she almost called Keegan Baker (Zack Morris) that.

With Sharon Mitchell (Letitia Dean) overwhelmed with sorrow and suicidal thoughts after the death of Dennis Rickman (Bleu Landau), she went along with what Karen said, and was named Kayden. But while some people saw the continuation of a successful legacy in the names some did not–we must accept at first including us.

But the fact that the name' den' that dates back to the very first show through the family remains in the family line at the end of Kayden is a touching way to keep the tradition without letting Sharon call another child Dennis after anyone she lost Sharon was in the frame of mind at the time that she would not see Kayden again as, feeling devastated by Dennis ' death, she pored over memories of her late young son and considered taking her own life.
As Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) arrived on the scene, she breaks down and said she couldn't do it, and when Ian told her she had a baby to care about, she sobbed that she didn't want him; she wanted Dennis too. As Ian tries to cover the terrible secret that he was somehow involved in the death of Dennis, he feels worse than ever but as Sharon begins to look for answers tonight, is he going to be forced into a confession?

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