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Today’s Home and Away sees Dean Thompson delivered two bits of life-changing news in one day…

DOUBLE BOMBSHELL heading for THIS Home and Away favorite today

Dean Thompson of Summer Bay is about to have his world turned upside down twice in a single day in today's Home and Away… but what bombshells are heading for him?

Both Ziggy Astoni and Willow Harris have pressing news they need to share with Dean, but as everyone knows, when it comes to having huge revelations dropped on him, he doesn't have the best track record, so both are stalling for some time before telling him their secrets.

Ziggy has huge news but is putting off telling Dean 

Dean's girlfriend Ziggy may be over the moon about landing a dream new job herself, but she knows the news she's moving away from Summer Bay with her boyfriend isn't going to go down well.

Ziggy did not initially get the work as a mechanic on the race track, so Dean was secretly glad that this implied she would not quit.

But when Ziggy got a call to say that they'd changed their minds and wanted her to join the team, she immediately agreed.

Dean discovers Ziggy’s secret job offer on today’s Home and Away… 

Today's Home and Away, however, sees her putting off telling her news to Dean, but little does she know that after accidentally reading her text messages he has already rumbled her secret.
But while Ziggy sweats over how to break Dean's news that she's leaving in under 24 hours, Willow has her own dilemma.

She may have already shared the news that she's in a relationship to buddy Colby Thorne with new girlfriend Alex Neilson, but she's holding off asking Him because she realizes he's not going to take it that well.

Willow is also putting off telling Dean her big news 

After all day denying the topic, Willow finally admits to Dean that for the last month she's been seeing Alex … but Dean is fuming at the revelation, not because she's seeing someone different, but because he's the last one to learn.

Meanwhile, Ziggy has arranged a romantic dinner for Dean in an effort to soften him before informing him of her news, but not only does he already realize that she is going, but after his collapse with Willow.

Should Ziggy actually leave Summer Bay without saying goodbye to Dean?

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