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Sunday, January 23, 2022

    Two of Home & Away’s much loved characters are set to flee The Bay this week

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    As a terrifying murder case heats up, one couple decides to cut and run.

    In whirlwind scenes on Home and Away this week, Angelo is getting closer to the truth surrounding Ross’ death and has his sights on Colby and Bella.

    And as the detective calls in the siblings for questioning it’s enough for an already stressed Bella to shoot through…

    It’s been a tense time for local cop Colby (Tim Franklin) and Bella (Courtney Miller), who face going to jail for the murder of their abusive stepfather Ross (Justin Rozniak) after police discovered his body.

    Colby is, in fact, guilty of shooting him – along with Dean (Patrick O’Connor) who was an accomplice – but has managed to keep a low profile for months.

    Colby understands how a murder case works. It takes time and months of investigating, so he’s kept on top of it,”

    But that has all changed since canny detective Angelo Rosetta arrived in town.

    At the station, he requests interviews with Colby, Bella, Dean and Willow (Sarah Roberts).

    Colby is confronted with questioning about his abusive stepfather.  (Channel Seven)

    Colby is first and, while there may be an understanding between two men of the force, it doesn’t stop Angelo from prying into Colby’s past with Ross, including the abuse he suffered as a child and the trauma of losing his parents.

    “Colby tries to eliminate himself as a suspect by playing the concerned older brother to his grieving sister,” Tim explains. “He thinks trying to befriend his enemy is his best bet.

    But the police ‘code’ is short-lived when Angelo asks Bella to come in to be questioned.”

    Bella is called in for questioning next. (Channel Seven)

    While Willow and Dean sail through their interviews, Bella is in a panic.

    On the beach, she confesses everything to Nikau (Kawakawa Fox-Reo) and pleads for his help. The couple agrees to flee immediately.

    With their belongings packed and Tane’s (Ethan Browne) stash of money, Bella and Nikau drive off into the wilderness.

    With no destination in mind, the teens try to enjoy their time together as they commit to a life on the run…

    Bella and Nikau commit to a life together on the run. (Channel Seven)

    Back in Summer Bay, Colby is told Bella hasn’t turned up for her interview.

    Along with Dean and Willow, he searches everywhere for her. After finding a farewell note, he enlists the help of Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams) and Tane to find them.

    Meanwhile, Ziggy (Sophie Dillman), who watches her boyfriend frantically run across town, becomes suspicious.

    Dean brushes off her concern, much to her annoyance, and focuses on what’s at stake.

    If detective Angelo gets wind of Bella’s sudden disappearance, he’ll recruit the full weight of the force to track them down.

    Can Colby find young Bella before it’s too late?

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