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UK Home and Away Spoilers-Ziggy tries to leave Dean


Ziggy has made good progress on the racing circuit since leaving Summer Bay behind last week, but has she just diverted herself from her frustration about missing Dean?

As this week's parents Ben (Rohan Nichol) and Maggie (Kestie Morassi) decide to pay Ziggy a surprise visit to her new workplace, they're happy to see how well Ziggy plays.

Trying to perfect the role of annoying parents as they annoy Ziggy in front of manager Kurt (Dylan O'Hare), Ben & Maggie then catch up with Ziggy after a break, as Kurt and team leader Alana (Erin Clare) is revealed to him.


While Ziggy asks them what's going on at home and at the board store, Maggie recognizes she's skirting around the inevitable issue and advises her to inquire for Dean. Ziggy responds non-chalently that she is not involved in him since Dean has no experience in being in her life.

However, it will become clear to Maggie that it is all a front when Ziggy finishes work and drops a tire mischievously, distracted by the sobering reminder of what she left behind.

Ziggy’s trying to put on a brave face and focus on her job, but she’s completely heartbroken,” Sophie Dillman told Australian magazine New Idea. “She’s really hurting.

Concerned, Ben & Maggie later attempts to talk to Ziggy again and tell her she doesn't have to choose between the job or Dean, she can have both if she's just going to talk to him. Ziggy angrily tells them she was trying to talk to him before she left but couldn't get one word out before he told her it was over.

When she starts talking, she tells Ben & Maggie she's leaving Dean behind her and they need to go home. 
Ziggy then decides to try to reach Dean later that evening …

Whereas back in Summer Bay, Dean is still on a self-destructive path, helping Salt's restaurant.

When Mackenzie refuses to serve him more drink, he goes to the bar to try to serve himself. Dean's phone starts ringing amongst all the commotion, and a woman in the bar answers it for him.

It's Ziggy, of course, who's rather incensed to hear another woman at the end of the phone telling her Dean's a bit busy!

"A girl is picking up her phone and Ziggy's thinking ' Oh man, he's really moving on! '" Sophie said.

While Dean ends up punching the boyfriend of the woman and being arrested by Colby, Ziggy is definitely heading out to a race party where she meets another mechanic from a competing team, Joe (Frazer Lee).

Joe turns up at Ziggy's place later that evening, having been asked to it. She shows him in, and they begin to kiss — something that seems to surprise Ziggy.

She's about to do something she'll regret?

Having just arrived back in the bay in time to see Colby carting Dean off, Ben later goes to the police station to see what is going on. Released with a warning, Ben offers Dean a lift home and tries to communicate with him. Dean doesn't think he's good enough for Ziggy but Ben refutes that, telling him Dean's support will always be there. He sees no reason why Dean and Ziggy should be split, but Dean responds that none of that is more relevant.


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