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What is the cast of Heartbreak High up to now?

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Every afternoon on ABC, it was the hit show we rushed home from school to see.

Heartbreak High, which aired from 1994 to 1999 and followed the lives of students at Hartley High (later Hartley Heights), quickly became a staple show of the era, and it’s hard to think it’s been more than 20 years since it first aired on our televisions.

Ada Nicodemou, Alex Dimitriades, and Luke Jacobz all got their start on the edgy thriller, which will be accessible on Netflix by the end of the month, and Callan Mulvey’s Drazic and Lara Cox’s Anita made the ultimate IT pair.

And what about the theme music? Two decades later, it’s still stuck in our thoughts.

But, after the school bell rung for the final time, where did the performers, who were once household names among all Australian teenagers in the 1990s, end up? We’ve looked into what they’re up to right now.

Abi Tucker – then

Abi played Jodie Cooper in the first three seasons of the program, rocking the ideal 90s grunge chic look.

Abi Tucker – now 

After that, she appeared in The Secret Life of Us and McLeod’s Daughters before securing a part on ABC’s Playschool.

Ada Nicodemou – then

Ada’s first foray into acting was in the film Heartbreak High. From season one to season five, she played Kat on and off.

Ada Nicodemou – now

Ada has now moved on from the program and now portrays Leah, a beloved Home, And Away character. She’s been in the position for a whopping 20 years!

Alex Dimitriades – then

Alex made his acting debut alongside Claudia Karvan in The Heartbreak Kid, before gaining a brief role in the spin-off show. Nick, his role, was modeled on the legendary film’s original character.

Alex Dimitriades – now 

Alex has gone on to star in a number of Australian series and films since his terrible demise on Heartbreak High. He co-starred in Ruben Guthrie with Patrick Brammall, a fellow Australian, and in the SBS drama The Principal (pictured). Alex’s most recent appearances were The Cry and the Netflix thriller Tidelands, in which he co-starred with Elsa Pataky.

Callan Mulvey – then

Callan made his acting debut in the character of tough guy Drazic. He was cast in the role in season five and stayed till the show was canceled after season seven. Callan described his celebrity during the show’s height as “crazy” yet “wonderful” in an interview with The Guardian in February 2020.

Callan Mulvey – now

The New Zealand-born actor has begun pursuing his Hollywood ambitions, starring in blockbuster films like as Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Avengers Endgame. With roles in Home And Away, Rush, and Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms, he’s maintained his toe in the local waters.

Jeremy Lindsay Taylor – then

In 1998, Jeremy was cast in the role of student Kurt Peterson, and he stayed on the show until it ended.

Jeremy Lindsay Taylor – now

Since then, he has appeared in films such as Sea Patrol, Puberty Blues, and Offspring. In Home And Away, Jeremy also played Detective Dylan Carter. In 2011, Jeremy starred alongside fellow Heartbreak High star Rel Hunt in the film Underbelly: Razor. Brian Rickards on Playing For Keeps is one of his most recent roles.

Katherine Hicks – then

Katherine only appeared in the final nine episodes of the show, but her character Tess left a lasting impression.

Katherine Hicks – now 

Heidi Wilson in Rescue: Special Ops and Sam MacKenzie in Winners & Losers are two of the actress’ most recent roles.

Luke Jacobz – then

Luke had a brief stint at Hartley Heights as well. As Zac Croft, he joined the show in its last year.

Luke Jacobz – now

Luke is best known for his role as Angelo, the cop (and eventually bar owner) on Home And Away, and for hosting The X Factor, Instant Hotel, and The Proposal in the past. When he competed in I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! in 2019, he gained new followers and revealed a more genuine side of himself. In 2020, he returned to Summer Bay for a brief appearance in the role of Angelo.

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