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Who is murdered in the Home and Away Season Finale?

The Australian season finale of Home and Away has here, and it appears that the Paratas will play a key role, with new spoilers implying that someone may die.

What a whirlwind of a few weeks Chloe and Mia have had. Mia (Anna Samson) received a call from an unknown number two weeks ago and answering it changed her life.

The call came from Matthew (James Sweeny), a man she met at a party when she was only 16 years old.

While he was originally amusing and charming, things took a change when Mia became too inebriated and Matthew had to assist her to her bed. Chloe (Sam Barrett) was conceived as a result of an attack because she didn’t consent to anything happening between them.

Mia raised Chloe as a single mother for the next 20 years without speaking to him. She eventually met Ari (Rob Kipa-Williams), who quickly became Chloe’s’step father.’ After spending a decade in prison, the three have lately been reunited and have once again created a loving and safe family.

Now, Matthew’s arrival in town threatens everything.

Mia is afraid of what telling Chloe the truth about her pregnancy will do to her mental health, but it also means she won’t be able to explain why she doesn’t want her to meet her father.

Meanwhile, Chloe is enraged that Mia has hidden her father from her for so long, and she wants to make amends by getting to know him.

Mia and Ari confronted Matthew and Chloe just as he was about to take Chloe for a drive at the end of last week, concluding with Ari landing a punch firmly on Matthew’s nose.

In the final seconds, Matthew promised Ari that he just made a big mistake.

Rejoining the action this week, things are at a breaking point.

Meanwhile, Chloe is as dissatisfied with Ari as she is with her mother, and she is more determined to see her long-lost father. It couldn’t possibly get any worse.

But yes, of course, they can.

Matthew realizes he can take advantage of the punch. He informs Mia that he is well aware of Ari’s incarceration and that if she prevents him from seeing his daughter, he will do everything in his power to re-incarcerate him.

“I just want to know my daughter,” he tells her, calmly. “So either you let that happen, or I press charges and I’ll send your boyfriend back to prison.”

That isn’t even half of it. Last week, Matthew, who is now a barrister and is quite well, aided Chloe by paying off her debt from La Cucaracha.

Soon after, he flashes his cash once more in an attempt to win her over. Matthew is immensely impressed with Chloe’s attempts to start her own catering firm, and the two have connected over their entrepreneurial natures. According to TV Week, he proposes that she apply to a prominent business school in the last week.

He’ll pay for her tuition and even offers to pay for her to rent an apartment in the city, seeing an opportunity to get her away from Mia. It’s the ideal approach for her to polish her business talents, but it means she’ll have to leave Summer Bay behind.

Mia is understandably enraged when Chloe informs her mother of the “wonderful news.” Chloe has no idea why, because she has no knowledge of what transpired between her parents all those years ago. She only sees a fantastic potential employment opportunity.

Mia and Ari aren’t willing to stand by and let Matthew take Chloe away from them, but their efforts to keep them apart will prove fatal.

Ari understands that revealing Chloe the truth will cause her to see Matthew in a completely different light, and will almost certainly result in his expulsion from their life.

“Ari supports Mia’s decision not to tell Chloe about Matthew’s incident,” Rob told TV Week. “However, he also wants to prevent her from making decisions that could jeopardize her health.”

Chloe first accepts the offer to come to the city, but Mia ultimately tells her the truth in the heat of the moment. Chloe now realizes why her mother and Ari were so hesitant, and her feelings shift in an instant.

Matthew, on the other hand, is irritated when Chloe begins to ignore his calls. When he returns to Summer Bay, he demands to know what has happened, but Chloe warns him not to approach her. Soon after, he becomes hostile, and Mia comes across the two in “a furious brawl,” according to the magazine.

Matthew then turns his attention to Mia and grabs her by the throat, accusing her of fabricating their time together. She was probably right to be concerned about him!

Will Ari arrive in time to rescue the day as Chloe calls for assistance? Or will Chloe decide to take matters into her own hands?

One of the Summer Bay residents is said to “take their dying breath” in the season finale, which is set to air on Thursday, November 25th.

Given that Anna Samson, Rob Kipa-Williams, and Sam Barrett have all taped episodes that will run in 2022, it appears unlikely that any of the established Parata family members will die in the year’s final episodes.

Matthew, on the other hand…

Seven’s annual ‘Upfronts,’ which previews what’s to come on the Australian television network in the coming year, featured a commercial for the show that hinted at the significant drama to come.

While most of it has already aired in recent weeks – Felicity (Jacqui Purvis) and Tane’s (Ethan Browne) battle for survival, Chloe’s stolen kiss with Theo (Matthew Evans), and Ryder (Lukas Radovich) and Theo pushing each other to walk over hot coals – two big sequences remain.

Chloe was seen wandering from the side of the Parata house to the garden, clutching a pebble in the short trailer. She drops it and collapses to the ground as she comes face to face with Mia, plainly confused and fatigued.

With Matthew’s presence in recent weeks and reports that he is going to become aggressive as he confronts with his daughter’s rejection, it doesn’t seem too far-fetched that Chloe grasping the rock has something to do with the death that will shock Summer Bay in the season finale…!

Chloe, what have you done?!

In brighter news, Ari was shown looking thoughtfully at an engagement ring in the promo. Could there be at least one ray of hope for the Paratas before the end of the year?

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