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Why did Home and Away kill off Ari Parata? Fans are distraught

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The death of Ari Parata from Home and Away has shocked audiences.

Many fans were taken aback by his abrupt departure, as they had no knowledge actor Rob Kipa-Williams was departing the programme after two years.

The end was unquestionably dramatic. However, many viewers were left perplexed as to why one of the show’s most beloved characters had been murdered off.

What happened to Ari from Home and Away?

It appeared to spectators that Ari would spend a long period in prison, but there was a major twist in store.

Ari had confessed to the death of Matthew, Chloe’s biological father, in order to protect his stepdaughter Chloe.

Chloe had killed her father inadvertently during an altercation, but Ari took the fall for the sake of Chloe and her mother Mia, whom Ari was about to marry.

The story took a shocking turn when Ari fell while on remand in jail. He was transported to the hospital and diagnosed with appendicitis at first.

Logan, on the other hand, realised the dreadful reality when he operated on Ari. Ari was diagnosed with a fatal form of a rare cancer.

While there was a treatment that could prolong his life, it would necessitate extensive surgery on a regular basis, something Ari did not want to explore.

Ari decided to die on his own terms after realising that he didn’t have much time left even with treatment.

Mia made Ari’s dying wish come true by planning a death-bed wedding.

He married Mia in Ari’s hospital room before he passed away in front of his new bride and family.

Rob Kipa-Williams wanted to leave Home and Away, but he couldn’t.

When it became evident from Rob’s Instagram that he was returning to his native New Zealand long-term, rumours began to circulate that he was leaving the programme.

Meanwhile, co-star Sam Frost (Jasmine) shared a photo of the Parata family dressed in funeral garb, with Ari conspicuously missing.

Despite being mentioned by other characters multiple times after Ari was sentenced to prison, the character did not appear on screen for several weeks.

Some viewers questioned if this might be his final appearance.

However, Ari’s departure was not officially confirmed until the death episodes aired in March in Australia.

After Ari’s death, Rob paid tribute to the character and the programme on Instagram, but it was unclear whether he chose to depart or not.

“Thank you, Ariki Wiremu Parata, for everything; you’ve taught me a lot.” “I’m going to miss you,” says the narrator. After the normal compliments to the cast and crew of the play, he posted.

The actor, on the other hand, had previously expressed displeasure with the way Ari’s character had evolved.

Last year, he bemoaned on Instagram that Ari had lost his “grouchy side.” When a fan said how much they missed Ari, Rob agreed.

There have been several departures from the programme recently, including Sam Frost (Jasmine) and Harley Bonner (Logan), with more stars rumoured to be departing.

As a result, it’s unclear whether Rob was fired as part of a larger show reorganisation.

What was the reaction of the fans after Ari’s death?

Well, it was a heartbreaking story meant to make viewers cry into their dinners, and it succeeded!

On Rob’s Instagram, one user wrote, “This episode crushed my heart.”

“I cried my eyes out Why did he have to go?” exclaimed another. “He was the best,” was a common reaction from viewers who were heartbroken at the loss of their favourite character.

The reaction was similar in the United Kingdom, which saw the show a few weeks later.

“Ari just died in Home and Away, and I don’t think I’ll ever be happy again,” one somewhat dramatic spectator declared.

“In what world did Home and Away think it was fine to murder Ari off? I’m devo I wasn’t ready for it and it happened all too fast,” another wrote.

“Even though I’ve already seen the scene on Instagram, I’m not emotionally ready for Ari to die on Home and Away,” someone another said. To be honest, I’m still reeling over Robbo’s death.”

What does Ari’s death mean for the Parata family in Home and Away?

As is customary in soap operas, the aftermath of a major narrative leads to some dramatic new plots.

Ari’s death will have a significant impact on the Parata family.

Mia is relieved that the inquiry into Matthew’s murder would be ended after Ari’s death.

Ari, on the other hand, will not be officially identified as the murderer because he was never convicted. But, while she’s relieved that her husband’s image hasn’t been tarnished, will she and Chloe be able to put the truth behind them?

Nikau, Ari’s nephew, will face challenges following his uncle’s death. Feeling alone in his friend will have a significant impact on his connections with others.

Meanwhile, Dean, Ziggy, and John will start a crowdfunding campaign to aid the gym in an attempt to turn the tragedy into something constructive.

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