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Why everyone loved Dan Ewing as Heath Braxton on Home and Away

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From troubled River Boy to family man: Heath Braxton’s narrative on Home and Away was the ultimate redemption story

When the River Girls, AKA the Braxtons arrived at the sandy shores of Summer Bay, Home and Away changed forever, you can not refute.
Although the series has always concentrated on troubled teenagers and traumatic breakdowns in marriages, the arrival in the early 2010s in three other Braxton brothers raised the drama with some hard notches.
With Darryl (AKA Brax) at the helm, flanked by his two younger brothers Heath and Casey, purists from Home and Away witnessed a narrative of love, hate, and intense passion from all sides.

While the show has bid all three brothers a very sad farewell since then, someday fans still hold out hope for a return.
And that’s exactly why everybody virtually lost the plot earlier this month when sneaky pictures revealed Dan Ewing, who played the lovable yet mischief-causing character, Heath, filming candid scenes along with fellow Summer Bay comrade Patrick O’Connor (who plays another River Boy, Dean).

Four couples who fell in love away from the Summer Bay cameras

The pictures shared by New Idea were nothing short of glorious as Dan would appear in a tense scene filmed on August 5 in Riverstone, Sydney.

More information about Heath’s grand return is limited but the scenes will air later this year, according to reports.
So, to get ready for what will be one heck of a reunion, we decided to take a look back and remember exactly why we fell first for Heath.

Sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy this retrospective on the troublesome, though well-meaning, bad boy from The Bay.

Health Braxton arrived in Summer Bay as one-third of the show’s beloved River Boys back in 2011.

This family, reigning from the local gang back at Yabbie Creek, initially stirred up trouble from the start. But we quickly learned that there was a lot more to them than the toxic kerfuffle they had used with their fellow gang members to back up.

He soon struck up a love for local teacher Bianca in his troubled scenes. The pair embarked on a long on-off-again relationship that lasted on the show for the duration of its storyline.

In reality, the pair was so on-again-off-again they got married on the show twice. The first wedding, er, was slightly marred when, while in Melbourne, he confessed to cheating on Bianca. You can see how this descended …

The latter ceremony was … Slightly Civilized. In reality, it may well be one of our favorite Home and Away weddings, but given the beautiful non-traditional dress of Bianca and the refreshing lack of drama.

The couple, of course, proceeded to encounter various twists and turns. All of which is the re-emergence of Heath‘s daughter Darcy.

The Braxtons’ were never short of a dramatic scene – including that kitchen fire that almost killed Bianca.

Heath was also close to the long lost Braxton brother Kyle, whom he protected while serving time in prison.

Although Heath and Bianca never tired of getting heated, again and again, they went the whole distance. At the end of their time on the show Bianca fell pregnant with Heath’s baby, and the pair decided to move to the city with Darcy where they pursued their lives as a family of four. What is it they could be up to now? Well, maybe we’ll find out soon …


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