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Why hasn’t Sharon heard Denny’s voicemail in EastEnders yet? Fans have been venting on Twitter.

Fans of EASTENDERS became baffled as to why Sharon Mitchell did not listen to the voice note of her son after the tragic tragedy of the Thames boat
The troubled teen left a message to his mum, informing her that Ian Beale had locked him under the deck, ultimately led in his untimely death. But in a twist of events, it is Dotty Cotton who finds the TONIGHT text on the BBC soap.

EastEnders fans have been waiting for Sharon to listen to Denny's voicemail and learn that since the boat crash Ian is to blame for the death of her son
Yet fans were left hanging without an explanation and took to Twitter to screw up.
One fan tweeted, "Why hasn't Sharon checked her voicemail yet?? Denny left her a message asking her what Ian did?" Another added, "Has Sharon misplaced her phone? Did I think that Denny will give her a voicemail?" A third tweeted, "How has Sharon forgotten her voice of recently dead sons and not listened to the incriminating voicemail he left before he died?

A fourth said: "At what stage does Sharon get the voicemail from Denny that he left for her saying that Ian shut him in that room??!!!???!! It's making me crazy every episode right now. Official spoilers have revealed that the message from Dennis is about to be heard on the Arches mobile, which would explain why Sharon has not listened to it before. Yet viewers are confused as to why it ended up there, and not on the personal phone of Sharon.
One fan tweeted: "How on earth does Sharon's voicemail end up on the Archer's phone?? Had he never got his phone with him??"

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