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Why Home And Away Deletes Kissing Scenes Of Alex And Willow??

After the viewers discovered the potential deleting of kissing scenes between fan favorites, Alex (Zoe Ventoura) and Willow (Sarah Roberts), long-lasting Aussie soap, Home and Away is in hot water.

The episode which aired late last year in New Zealand features Alex, the new town doctor, and her girlfriend Willow having a quick kiss in a bar before Alex goes to order drinks. The intimate moment, however, appears to have been cut when it was aired on the Aussie TV.
Initially, Australian viewers took to social media to express their frustration and uncertainty about the couple's edits that developed a cult-like follow-up from social media followers, also dubbing the #Willex duo. Nevertheless, Channel 7 told the ABC that, due to "human error," it mistakenly screened the incorrect versions of two shows in Australia" As with any TV show, several changes are made throughout the post-production process until the actual transmission," the network said.

hese scenes wouldn’t be easy to do but you both have nailed these  

Channel 7 has announced that its Aussie online streaming service, 7 Plus, would be modified "to show the final versions of those shows."
The ABC reported at least three cases of a shift of scene with the lesbian couple between Australia and New Zealand.

Willow talks to Alex in another scene from last year, "I don't know if it hurts, because you enjoy it." The Australian version ends there. Nevertheless, the pair also share a passionate kiss and plan a trip together in the New Zealand edition.

Facebook followers initially brought these disparities to the attention of the public.  One of them also pointed out the paparazzi shots of a couple kissing on the set as part of the shooting of a recent episode. The kiss was deleted from the Australian version, too.
It is very poor from Channel 7 as they are deleting those scenes which fans want to see .?Why they are removing those scenes it is rubbish from Channel 7.
Although Channel 7 argues that the cuts were broadcast out of error, Home and Away have a tradition of censorship.
A scene involving a kiss between Joey (Kate Bell) and Charlie (Esther Anderson) was censored back in 2009 following media stories and lobby groups in a' family' show criticizing the storyline.

Former Home and Away host Ross Newton, who played Greg Marshall in the' golden age' of soap in the 1990s, revealed his views as a gay actor at the Host Observer last year. It would seem that while Home and Away was aiming for social progression, residual stereotypes could still play a part in the backdrop.

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