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Why Home and Away fans will NEVER forgive Luke Jacobz

Although many fans of Home and Away were delighted to see Angelo Rosetta’s comeback earlier this year, not everybody was as enthusiastic about the situation.

Yep, some die-hard fans still remember the unsavory way the Summer Bay was written out-fleeing town after murdering beloved fan Jack (Paul O’Brien)-and they don’t let the actor behind the character forget it, Luke Jacobz.

“People want to hate Angelo. He wasn’t the most popular character and that’s okay because of the show’s history and all the people he upset about, “he told Digital Spy.

“I believe the bulk of the comments have been optimistic, but then I’ve still got some people going: ‘Why are you back in the Bay, you shouldn’t be there! You killed Jack!’”

Luke Jacobz acknowledges not everybody was happy with the return of his character Angelo Rosetta to the show.

Luke added that he doesn’t let him faze the haters and takes the backlash in his turn.

“There’s been a mixture of [answers], but I love those kinds of answers, I think they’re amazing!” he added.

“You can’t have a show where you love everybody. Someone you don’t like needs to be there, and I know there are people out there who aren’t going to like Angelo being back again-he’s a little rude!”

Angelo was blamed for Jack Holden ‘s death (pictured) during his last stint in Summer Bay.

Luke told New Idea earlier that he was enthusiastic about having a second shot of playing Angelo, almost 10 years after he was in the job for the last time.

“When I got the phone call to say they were thinking about getting Angelo back, my heart was only pounding,” said Luke, who has hosted hit shows like The X Factor ever since, and competed in I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!

“I thought, ‘You must be kidding! This is so terrific! ‘I’ve been fortunate to be asked, and I certainly don’t take it for granted.’

Luke pictured with Summer Bay stalwart Ray Meagher.


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