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Coronation Street fans were left shocked and wondering that where is Hope Stape after she went missing in last week's Coronation Street episodes but later a clip was released by the soap, Jade Rowan may seem to be locking her up in her attic.

Last month real identity of Jade Rowan's was exposed as she emerged as John Stape's daughter.She tried to have a relationship with her only relative Hope Stape.This week Coronation street storyline just turned dramatically.Has Jade kidnapped Hope and kept her hostage in her dressing room as her dad did that to Rosie Webster.
The clip of Coronation Street episode that is still to be aired this week was released by ITV.

In which, we saw the Police went to Jade's house and ask her about her relationship with Hope.
In the last moment of the clip, fans were shocked to see when Jade looks to the attic.
Later the Policeman asks Jade that "Can we have a look around in your house."
But Jade Angrily refused why??? What are you searching for and why you want to look around my house???.
The policeman replied that" Hope is missing and we think you have a connection in her disappearance."
Jade replied, "Hope ??? when she got missing and I even don't know when she got missing."

The policeman replied to Jade that "You are saying that you haven't seen Hope?"
"I was trying to get her custody " Jade replied."I promise that I haven't kidnapped her as she is my sister and her mother was not taking care of her."
The policeman said, " if you don't have her then let us have a look around."

Later Jade agreed that they can have a quick look but Jade was shocked to see when the policewomen went upstairs and she shouted that "I am telling you that she is not there".
Policewomen replied calmly "if nothing is there then relax."
But Jade again said, " You guys are wasting your time you will find nothing".
After this, the clip ended and fans were left wondering what is upstairs?. Does Jade kidnapped Hope and kept her hostage?.
We will find out this week.









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