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Why Jessie Wallace has apparently been suspended from filming on the BBC?

Jessie Wallace who works in Eastenders has been suspended from filming due to an incident that occurred during the shooting of Eastenders.
She appears on the show on and off, and she has been pulled out of the show for some episodes.
According to the insiders, as she was caught drunk on the set of Eastenders, which led to her exclusion from the show as her behavior was questionable. Writers are now coming with a new script, in which they explain the temporary exit of Jessie.
Jessie joined the Soap in 2000, but there is good and bad news for Eastenders fans.

The good news is that Jessie has filmed her scenes for the 35th-anniversary celebration, She is one of the best actors in Eastenders.
All the episodes in which she appears on a boat with the Thames have been shot before this incident.
Now the bad news, Eastenders writers are planning for famous character death in upcoming episodes, but the identity of that character is still unknown.

We will find out soon on Eastenders. On the Occasion of 35th anniversary of Eastenders, the filming of that episode has been done on the iconic river from where the show started 35 years ago.
The Producers said that ''Upcoming episodes of Eastenders are going to be very exciting and heartbreaking for the fans''.

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