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Willow Harris makes a huge decision over Alex Neilson.

Home and Away's Willow Harris have decided to leave Summer Bay with her partner Alex Neilson, but maybe it's not her final decision.
This week, the famous couple's future has been tested on Australian screens, when Alex has been offered a new role at a Queensland hospital.
As a locum doctor, Alex has to travel for her work regularly, and she always realized that leaving Summer Bay would be a strong possibility.
On Thursday's episode on Channel 7 in Australia, we saw Willow requesting her to come to Queensland with her.

Willow wasn't happy that she was leaving her work, family, and friends in the Bay.
Meanwhile, Willow's friend Dean Thompson responded very negatively to the risk of losing her.
A meddling Dean, speaking to Alex in private, couldn't resist interfering by saying she was asking too much by inviting Willow to leave from there.
Willow eventually made her decision by telling Alex that she wanted to follow her heart by supporting her as she leaves for Queensland.

 Dean made his dissatisfaction clear once more when Willow shared the news with him, casting a shadow on their definite plans for the future.
A relatively clear path of Willow's future it's no mystery to Home, and Away viewers that Sarah Roberts–who plays her–is still filming with the show Can Alex carry on making the big move without Willow?

Home and Away viewers in the UK will see those scenes late in March on Channel 5.

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