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Yashvi Falls Victim In Gun Horror?


Yashvi has no clue how much trouble she's in and Ned (Ben Hall) is desperately trying to keep her that way. But he doesn't seem to know that the more he seeks, the more risk he generates in the area. It's the day of Yashvi's police test, and she's nervous but excited because it could be the first day of the rest of her life if she gets that right. She's pulling away from Lassiters, but as she does, her car leaves behind a deep, sinister-looking puddle. Not long ago, the car was burning, and she was forced to call Ned to ask for his support. He runs to her side, of course, but his mind goes automatically to sabotage — someone deliberately destroyed his car. Who did this thing? Whoever it was is now warming up.

The Buddy Club is expected to witness a horrific accident. Toadie, David, and Kyle discover what they assume is a toy gun in one of the children's pockets, but when a gunshot rings out, the three are left to dive for cover to protect the children. The weapon is real. Fortunately, no one is wounded but who is it? Kyle learns to find one of the boys, Caden, in his sister's car. Kyle takes this information to authorities, and Ned receives a threatening email from Zenin shortly afterward. It's no chance, he's behind it.

In the meantime, Yashvi points out that she has joined the police academy and is delighted. She is about to follow in the footsteps of her father. Yet Ned knows that she is in more danger than ever before. It seems the pistol was just a tip. Zenin wants Yashvi to be dead, and he's upping the anti with every threat. Could Ned defend his girlfriend? How far will Ned go in protecting her?

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