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Neighbours’ David Tanaka to make a new discovery in baby storyline

On UK screens next week, David Tanaka uncovers Paul Robinson’s million-dollar bribe, while his father continues to conceal the truth from Terese Willis.

After a dispute with Nicolette Stone (Charlotte Chimes) in Canberra, Paul (Stefan Dennis) carried what he believed was baby Isla home. Everyone on Ramsay Street is unaware that he promised Nicolette $1,000,000 in exchange for the baby and a promise that she would never return to Erinsborough.

Paul has recently attempted to hide the deal from Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou), even damaging the Quill investment.

On Channel 5, David (Takaya Honda) learns from Leo (Tim Kano) that Paul has requested his brother for a loan in an unorthodox way.

David has a sneaking feeling that something is wrong, especially with Paul going behind Terese’s back, and his suspicions are confirmed when Paul grows upset with his accountant (who starts interrogating him about his finances) and suggests selling the tram’s property.

David confronts Paul, and his father is compelled to tell Nicolette the truth about his bribe.

Paul begs David not to tell his spouse Aaron Brennan (Matt Wilson), claiming that it will be for the greater good.

David grudgingly agrees to keep the information private for the time being, but is it just a matter of time until he spills the beans?

How long will it be before Ramsay Street discovers that the infant Paul was given isn’t the real Isla?

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