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Saturday, December 2, 2023

10 soap spoilers this week: EastEnders declaration of love, Coronation Street abuse horror, Emmerdale request, Hollyoaks mission

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In the world of soap this week: there’s a lot more drama ahead! In EastEnders, the frightened Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) made a shocking discovery, while Carla Connor (Alison King) and Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) took over the Rovers on Coronation Street.

In the meantime, Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) is antagonizing Kerry Wyatt during Vanessa Woodfield’s first chemotherapy session in Emmerdale, and Celeste Faroe is on another mission to find out more about Felix Westwood in Hollyoaks.

Whitney’s discovery leads to a huge decision in EastEnders.

Whitney realizes that everyone is glaring at her, and she then discovers that Michaela has posted online about her — something that obviously leaves her crushed.

Max speaks up to her about the time he spent in jail, and, after that, Whitney agrees that it’s time to take matters into her own hands, and her plan becomes clear as she has her passport in her hand.

Carla and Peter take over the Rovers in Coronation Street.

Though Jenny is delighted with the business that the mystery man Scott brings, Johnny is soon trying to persuade her to take an impromptu holiday to visit Eva.

Johnny approaches Carla and Peter, and in their absence, they decide to move to the premises.

Charity causes a scene in Emmerdale

Vanessa then heads to the hospital and faces chemo alone—that is, until Kerry—who happens to be walking by—appears to keep her company. as a pair talks, there’s a thaw of sorts, but Charity shows up and is angry — she proceeds to cause a scene by flipping out.

Felix is on a mission in Hollyoaks.

Felix hopes Mitchell will be able to figure out that Martine gives him the cold shoulder on the day before their lunch date.

Ash’s declaration of love in EastEnders

Ash has another run-in with Iqra, so she’s venting to Vinny later. Yet both of them panic as Suki gets home early. What remains to be seen, but — later — Ash finds out Iqra and apologizes to her, before revealing that she is in love with her.

Geoff manipulates the situation again in Coronation Street.

Geoff reads Yasmeen’s pamphlet on domestic abuse — especially the part where he lists signs of behavior control — and agrees to take a new strategy.

Cathy comes around, and Geoff tries to exploit the situation so that Yasmeen ends up insulting Cathy — who then storms out of anger.

Vanessa asks a big question of Charity in Emmerdale

Vanessa is not feeling as good as the week goes by, and Charity is finding solace in the booze so that they can put their differences behind them — that is, until Vanessa raises a huge question about what she wants. Charity is not responding as Vanessa hoped it would, and so their rift remains unhealed.

Celeste is determined in Hollyoaks.

Celeste is in contact with Felix’s old cellmate, hoping that she will not be able to find out anything about her father.

Stuart makes a big decision about Rainie in EastEnders.

Stuart speaks to Callum and, after doing so, he is inspired to propose again to Rainie, and then sets out to plan an extremely elaborate proposal.

Shock violence rocks the cobbles in Coronation Street.

Dev forces Asha to attend Mary’s youth volunteer group to clean up Victoria Gardens. Amy, Summer, and Kelly are comforting Asha, but Aadi is beginning a battle with a lad who is mocking his sister.

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