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Abi Franklin and Sally Metcalfe from Coronation Street to clash with Kevin in a new storyline.

Abi Franklin and Sally Metcalfe, from Coronation Street, would argue over the possible relationship involving Abi and Kevin Webster. Kevin (Michael Le Vell) offers an alibi to Abi (Sally Carman) after she torched Ray Crosby's (Mark Frost) car in scenes aired next week. DC Holden once again pays Kevin a visit to the garage and takes him away for further questioning.
As Kevin goes back to the garage, he wants to be positive about Abi, who is holding her.

Yet Sally tries to intervene again, claiming she doesn't believe that moving into a full relationship with Kevin is necessarily a good idea. Abi is dissatisfied with Sally and thinks like she rules. Sally tries to justify her warnings by saying she is interested in Jack and believes that trouble tends to follow Abi around.
Sally Carman, who portrays Abi, has clarified that Kevin has a genuine interest in her character.

Carman continued that Abi doesn't understand Sally's advice, sharing: "Sally is genuinely concerned, wanting to make sure she stays out with him for the right reasons and won't hurt him. But then it transforms into' disturbance follows you around' and Sally's almost pointing out that Abi isn't good enough for him." There are moments that Abi seems very manipulated and let down by Sally. She may not have got her back in the way she felt she had.

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