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Another come-out shock? Home and Away’s Willow are tormented at her decision to leave

Last week when they decided to move to sunny Queensland, there was nothing but blue skies on the horizon for Alex and Willow but disagreement is about to bring their partnership into question.
Willow (Sarah Roberts) is afraid she made a hasty decision to leave town while still grieving Mason (Orpheus Pledger) and Robbo (Jake Ryan)'s heart-rending loss.
She's got the gym to take care of and Jasmine (Sam Frost) could use a friend.
She decides to check in with Jasmine and seek advice about her situation.

Willow seeks advice from a friend when faced with a life-changing decision. (Channel Seven)

While the nurse is saddened by her decision, she wants to be happy with her best friend even if she's in another state.
However, Jasmine is plagued by the question of who will run the gym.
She could operate it on her own but Robbo's memory is too good.
As both women contemplate their future, there is no answer to either…

A make or break scenario throws everything into question.​

Jasmine only wants the best for her friend. (Channel Seven)

Willow then bravely asks her partner Alex (Zoë Ventoura) to think about their future.
Alex lets in the first term sadly and proposes they buy a house together!
Willow forges on, eager to convey her outrage, but to listen properly, Alex is just too nervous.

Fighting to get a word in, Willow erupts and blurts out that she is unprepared for a serious relationship. The words hang in the air, and a deafening silence follows. A hurt Alex leaves and Willow is too astonished by what she's just told to do. Is this a couple's end?

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