Home Soaps Casualty star Olivia D'lima teases big twists in Fenisha Khatri's baby story

Casualty star Olivia D’lima teases big twists in Fenisha Khatri’s baby story

Casualty Newcomer Olivia D’lima spoke about Fenisha Khatri’s “juicy” and “emotional” kid storyline. The BBC medical drama will kick off one of its greatest spring storylines this weekend (April 25) when the new paramedic Fenisha discovers that she’s pregnant. Fenisha has been dating the womanizing doctor Will Noble for the last few weeks, but her baby bomb is set to rock their budding relationship to the core.

The couple are more loving than ever at the beginning of Saturday’s episode (April 25), so much so that Will suggests they enjoy their first holiday together. Delighted, Fenisha excitedly to ask her boss Jan for a holiday leave – but the disturbing realization quickly bursts her joyful bubble that her time is too late.

After several pregnancy tests, Fenisha breaks the news to Will, but there’s another surprise in store – he’s not the father. Fans will remember that Fenisha had a one-night stand with Ethan before she got together with Will, making the already difficult situation a lot more complex.

Although Fenisha refrains from revealing Will’s father’s identity, the news leaves him wondering the state of their relationship. Despite his efforts to support him, Will makes it clear to Fenisha that they have no future if she continues to be pregnant. A furious Fenisha breaks up with him, seeing It in a different light, but what will the future hold for them now?

Teasing where the story goes next, Olivia – who plays Fenisha – told Inside Soap, “It’s juicy, but it’s still an emotional storyline – what I enjoy about it is that it’s not a typical game-play love triangle.” It feels like real people who have to deal with real-life problems, so it’s not going to be easy. Such relationships are going to change, and they’re going to improve pretty quickly

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