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Coronation Street hints at Gary Windass revenge plot as ruthless Sharon returns.

Gary Windass of Coronation Street might soon be on the warpath, as upcoming spoilers revealed that Ali Neeson might need to watch his back in the coming episodes.

Although Maria (Samia Longchambon) decided to remain silent and stay with Gary (Mikey North) after her brief fling with Ali (James Burrows) earlier this month, it was only a matter of time before the rumors of the hook began to bounce around the Weatherfield cobbles.

In the next scenes, Adam (Samuel Robertson) is going to dupe Ali into confessing the secret, and it seems that it won't be long before the rumors begin to get back to Gary.

Next week's episodes will see Gary's former partner Sarah (Tina O'Brien) tie the knot to Adam, and a barbed comment from David (Jack P Shepherd) prompts Gary to suggest to Maria that they start their wedding bookings.

Before Adam leaves the pub with a huge grin on his face, Ali is assured by Adam after being fooled into confessing his romance with Maria, that the secret will remain untold to anyone else.

Gary and Maria agree to meet in The Rovers later this week to celebrate their engagement. But first Gary goes to a house clearing job, where he's stunned to bump into Sharon, the loaned shark sidekick of the deceased Rick Neelan.

Sharon allows Gary to join forces, but after giving him some deep thought, Gary refuses to do so. Afterward, Gary approaches Adam on the street as he is about to leave for his honeymoon and is shocked when he hears what Adam has to say.
While we still don't know what Adam's going to do, it seems like the truth might be out because Maria's off to The Rovers to wait for Gary, then, her fiancé's searching for Ryan (Ryan Prescott) and asks her to see if anything is going on between Maria and Ali. A scared Ryan tells Gary that he's just someone trying to spread lies.

Still furious about the situation, Gary finally arrives at the pub to meet Maria, who is happily unaware of what's going on and kisses Gary as she tells him how much she's looking forward to being his wife.
Then Gary ends up secretly calling Sharon and offering her Rick's old client list – but there's a catch, as he asks for a favour in return. Is Gary plotting his vengeance on Ali?

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