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Coronation Street plans road horror for Gemma Winter and the quads.

Coronation Street's Gemma Winter will spark more fear about her well-being next week by accidentally hitting the path of a moving car. Gemma drives the quads in their pram when there's a scary accident, causing her current state of mind to panic. The ITV drama is presenting a mental health story for Gemma, who hasn't been coping in the last few weeks. New spoilers on Coronation Street's official website have announced that next week, as Gemma's mom Bernie returns, the storyline will step up. Once Bernie arrives back on the cobbles, she quickly realizes that Gemma is not in the right place.

While tired and stressed, Gemma is trying to make out that she's fine, but she's failing to convince Bernie that this is the truth. Bernie is also unimpressed as she sees Gemma's two-faced new friends Vanessa and Imogen, whom she joined in the baby class. Earlier in the week, Gemma is emotional as she drives her pram and walks straight into the road without looking. Standing nearby on the pavement, Maria Connor is shocked as she sees a distracted Gemma come dangerously close to being knocked down by the quads. Is this going to be a wake-up call to Gemma because she needs to talk to someone?​

Dolly-Rose Campbell, who plays Gemma, said earlier: "Gemma has no clue that this may be a medical problem–she doesn't know that at this point." Bernie knows her better than anyone else, and she's going to take someone close to her to see what she's going through and that this is more than just dealing with children, she needs real support to get through this.

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