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Coronation Street Spoiler:Kevin Webster has heartbroken over the shocking exit of the beloved character?

CORONATION STREET we saw Abi Franklin wooed by the mysterious Ray Crosby in recent weeks, after taking over the Weatherfield Bistro. Nevertheless, she vowed to get vengeance after eventually learning the way he treated his female employees-will it cause her to leave the soap as she could face a hefty prison sentence? Coronation Street star Abi Franklin had a rough couple of months on the cobbles after her will they / won't appeal to Kevin Webster and lately, her new relationship with Ray Crosby. She then discovered the true colours of Ray and wanted to get revenge impulsively. Could this mean the depressed mum's heartbreaking exit if she is found guilty of torching his car? Since he took her to a taste of luxury as the couple started dating, Abi was quickly taken with Ray, and she became smitten with the businessman. 
Nevertheless, ITV soap viewers know there is more to Ray's secret, as he has continued to treat his female staff with disrespect
He scathed Bethany Platt last week after she attempted to take over the situation when Ray continued to put her at work. 
Shortly later, Abi finally discovered what Ray is like with his Bistro employees when she soon decided to take matters into her own hands.
Late last week, she revealed the true colors of Ray and decided to set fire to her car, which could see her in serious trouble with the law. 
The episode of tomorrow night will see the mechanic in custody, backed by lawyer Paula Martin, who will advise her to plead guilty. 
In a teaser clip for the double-bill tomorrow night, she was quick to defend herself when asked if she had torched the car. 

She says to Paula: "I can't remember if you're like lollipop ladies or priests. If you have to report it, you should keep a secret.
Paula told her: "Abi, if you're honest with me, it's usually best. If you did, I'd recommend you to confess it, and then plead guilty. "Abi asked her counsel, answering:" Okay, so far. Hypothetically speaking, what would someone like me look at if they admitted that they had done it and considered themselves guilty?"Well, I'd probably say three to five years with your previous one," Paula warned. Digging herself a deeper hole, Abi asked, "Say someone to have committed a crime, hypothetically speaking again, and then saying ' no comment ' to everything would be a positive thing, wouldn't it?"Not exactly," admitted Paula, who apparently would urge Abi to go ahead with a guilty plea-what would happen if the police discover that she was torching Ray's car?
If she is found guilty and receives a prison sentence close to that set out by Paula, will she make a heartbroken departure from the cobbles leaving Kevin's love interest? 

Kevin will continue to act as a great support to Abi as she struggles with the law through her ordeal and is advising her to obtain an alibi. 
She goes to friend Sally Metcalfe for help to back up her story, but in a twist of shock, Sally declines to do so.
An upset Abi is going to seek Kevin's help, knowing he'll lend his support as he agrees to give her a false alibi. 
Could this push Abi into Kevin's arms after realizing the lengths he'll go to to keep her out of jail? 
Viewers will have to wait and see if Abi is found guilty, or if she succeeds in finding a way out. Ray will return to Weatherfield to tell Abi that fresh evidence has been found about the arson on his car-will she is forced to leave Kevin behind with her fate in question?

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