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Coronation Street spoilers: Nina Lucas makes life-changing discovery in ‘paternity’ twist

Nina (played by Mollie Gallagher) first appeared on Coronation Street last year when her long-lost uncle, Richard Lucas (Paul Bown), was tracked down by stalwart Roy Cropper (David Neilson). The newcomer moved in with her uncle after the tragic death of the latter and soon became a favorite fan of ITV viewers. But as the character becomes more prominent on the cobbles and more of her backstory is revealed, does it eventually appear that she is the daughter of none other than Weatherfield lothario, Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson)?

As viewers remember, after an affair with Fiona Middleton (Angela Griffin) 20 years ago led to the birth of his girlfriend, Emma Brooker (Alexandra Mardell), the taxi driver learned he had a long-lost girlfriend. This discovery came after Steve and his teenage daughter Amy Barlow (Elle Mulvaney) and toddler Oliver Battersby (Emmanuel and Jeremiah Cheetham) were still transitioning to life.

Seeing that all three of his children had separate mothers in his childhood and how he was the lothario of the cobbles, it’s not entirely inconceivable that he has another child. As they posted on Twitter, at least one fan thinks so: “#Corrie is curious if Nina will turn out to be another of Steve’s girls.’

While Nina’s paternity has been clarified before she was introduced to Weatherfield, there was no in-depth look at her history or her life. Residents have also had to know the facts of their origins for years because Carla Connor (Alison King) hasn’t known that Johnny Connor (Richard Hawley) was her father until he showed up on the cobbles in 2015.

So, considering how involved Roy is in his family tree, he could come up with a proposal to look up her niece in the archives to reconnect with her more. While he does not intend to learn that he is not, linked to the newcomer and that he is undercover her adoption documents.

Roy’s café owner learned for the first time that he had long-lost family members when he wanted to look into the history of his mother Sylvia Goodwin (Stephanie Cole) and found that she had another sibling. Knowing what it meant to him before his death to be reunited with his long-lost uncle, Roy was able to reveal his discovery to Nina.

If this idea were to unfold on-screen, of course, the revelation would leave the teenager heartbroken, despite how she cared for so many years for her family. The teenager would definitely want answers, though, and would go on the hunt to trace her parents from birth.

When she looks further into her history, she’s able to figure out that her true father is alive and lives far closer than she thought. With Steve set to get entangled in the coming months in a child’s illness drama with son Oliver, the newcomer could not share her discovery with him considering how much he’ll have on his plate.

Does Nina have to watch her birth parent and siblings go through trouble from the darkness without realizing she’s part of their clan? How would Roy react if he learns his family’s last living member isn’t his own?

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