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Coronation Street spoilers: Vile Ray Crosby is asking Abi Franklin to have sex with him?

After Bethany Platt revealed his sex pest style, Ray's on/off partner Abi Franklin didn't have any of it and embarrassed him at a gala that she had attended with him before robbing and torching his car. But this soon came back when Ray didn't waste time in contacting the police about her actions. Kevin Webster encouraged her to lie, and they sorted out a witness statement, but now Ray's got bad cam footage of Abi stealing his car, she's snookered.

Having entered into a relationship with Kevin, whom she cares deeply for, Abi is distressed that she has pulled him into this – both of them could face prison sentences not just for torching the car but for providing false evidence.
Ray calls out Kevin and Tyrone Dobbs on a fake breakdown so that Abi is alone in the garage – and that's when he makes his next sinister move. Showing her the Dashcam footage that incriminates her completely, he assures her he won't show it to the police – on the condition that she gets into bed with him.

The grotesque offer makes Abi's skin crawl, but finally, she decides to visit him at the hotel She's knocking on his door as she prepares herself, but is she going to go through it? Then, Abi is shocked when Ray comes to visit Kevin–with an offer to buy a workshop. And it seems that Kevin has little choice–if he doesn't sell up, Ray's going to make sure he's going to jail? After Ray's dirty deeds, is Kevin going to lose both Abi and his business?

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