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CORONATION Street’s Brooke Vincent and Ryan Prescott have reunited for a blood-soaked short film called Chapter 2: Zach.

Brooke Vincent and Ryan Prescott of CORONATION Street have reunited for a blood-soaked short film, Chapter 2: Zach. The 27-year-old star returns to the sci-fi thriller as Olivia, while Ryan, 31, takes up Zach's title character. Brooke-who gave birth in October to son Mexx-and Ryan are joined in the short by fellow Corrie fans, Sally Ann Matthews and Rob Mallard.

The film is the sequel to Chapter 1: Liv, which followed Brooke's character Olivia when she wakes up to find her mother (Sally Ann Matthews) by her side from a car crash. When she restores her memories, Olivia starts to find flaws in the story of her mother and learns that she is, in reality, in a simulation designed to interrogate her.

The short finishes of Olivia being forced back to sleep and having her memories, swept out with no way to escape.
In the second chapter, spectators met with Zach, who is chained to a table and humiliated by a sick man. He meets Olivia, and they're planning to avoid what they know is a bigger conspiracy. Brooke, who plays Sophie Webster on Coronation Street, has been staring at Ryan (Ryan Connor) in the ITV drama for years.

Chapter 2: Zac also stars Simon Naylor, who played Shona's ex Dibbs in soap and factory worker Adam and Dirk.
The film, set in a hospital and a dark basement, was filmed over three days in Manchester. It has been written and directed by Dominic Stephenson, who said that the sequel took "twice as much work."

He said to, "It's been great to get everyone back together for the sequel." This one is twice the size and has taken a lot of work, but I hope the end product reflects that, and we're all proud of what we've done. "Other cast members include Chloe Bodkin, Amy Searles, Chloe Bodkin, Matthew Heywood, and Sherrie Hamilton.

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